Discourse on Abortion

Jan 22, 2012
by: WLamb

One of the hottest topics for the presidential elections is whether the candidate is pro-life, or pro-choice. While some say this is an issue of morality, there are many other factors that come into play such as women’s rights and the best decisions for the common good.

“Those who choose abortions are often minors or young women with insufficient life experience to understand fully what they are doing”(Women’s Issues). Many have lifelong regrets afterwards.” Although this may be the case, bringing their child into this world could be equally if not more regretful. Young women with “insufficient life experience” do not have the experience to raise a child nor provide him or her with everything a child needs.

Though abortions may be immoral, our wold is not run by morals. It is run on economics which has a very different set of rules. Abortions solve a couple of different problems that we have today, economically speaking. First, abortion helps prevent crime (Freakonomics). Many of the young women who have these abortions are those without stable households, not fitting for a child, who could readily turn to criminal activity. Also, abortion slows down our population growth. The world is coming closer and closer to a whopping 9 billion, which could cause many problems for the human race.

The arguments do not end here. Abortion is a touchy subject that can vigorously be argued both ways, so bringing all the facts and statistics together is important before making a final stand.

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