Disrupting Our Privacy

Apr 6, 2009
by: 14mehtan


Using this URL, I was able to obtain information about my topic in school about Internet Privacy.  I realized that there are many ways your privacy is at risk.  I want to figure out a way where all people can have a way their privacy is safe for sure.  Besides the fact that your privacy is at risk if you put it at risk your privacy can be hurt by, "search and seizure, unsolicited e-mail, defamation, secrecy and the creation of databases consisting of personal information."  This answers my question which is, "What actions make your right to privacy closer to on the verge of being gone?" I learned that and with that knowledge I can answer my other question which is "How do we avoid people taking away our privacy on the Internet?"  All you basically have to do is be aware of the risks and make sure they don't affect you.