The Diva and the Fairy

Jan 4, 2012
by: 16wanga

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I created the Scratch animation, “The Diva and the Fairy” as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. An ethical story is a story that gives off a moral message. Usually the main character is stuck between two decisions: one moral, and one immoral. The immoral decision usually benefits the main character in a way. When it comes to making decisions like this, many people would have to face falling into their own temptations or doing what’s morally right.

My story is about a famous teenage singer, who became known from her beautiful singing voice as well as her diva-like behavior. One night, a fairy goes into her room to stop her bad behavior; but the starlet angers the fairy, causing the fairy to take away her most prized possession: her voice. She warns the diva that she come back to visit her in a week. If the diva’s behavior changes, the fairy will give her voice back. If the diva’s behavior remains the same, she will lose her voice forever. Since the diva has lost her voice, her agent kicks her out because she is not useful anymore. The sad diva wanders around until she finds herself in the woods. Soon it suddenly starts to snow. As the weather gets worse, she finds a cabin as well as a drowning little boy. She comes across the decision to save the boy or to get shelter in the cabin. The ethical decision would be to save the boy, even if it meant losing the chance to find shelter.

My story was inspired by the concept of the Disney story, “Beauty and the Beast.” In this story, I told it from somewhat from the Beast’s point of view. Both main characters in the two stories lost something that was very important to him/her. The Prince lost his good looks and was turned into a beast, and the Diva lost her singing voice. I also used the same idea of having the main character do something morally good to gain his/her prized aspect back. In the story, the Beast has to find love by his 21st birthday and the Diva has to change her bad behavior by a week. I decided on using this story because it is one of my most favorite Disney stories, and because it gives off a good message. Both of the characters got into this situation by having bad behavior, and the two also got out of it by meeting someone who has pure-hearted.

I think I was successful in creating my story because my story in Scratch is at least three minutes long, is interactive because the player can affect the outcome of the story, has an ethical decision from two different decisions, has at least two branches of the story with distinct endings that depend on the player’s ethical decision, I gave credit to the original author and the images, and the story is appropriate to a 13 year old.


Comment from janice

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Submitted by 16ngj on Thu, 2012-01-05 15:50.

I enjoyed the story line of the story and the moral of the story. The animation went really well and was done perfectly.

I noticed that there were really no aspects of the story you should change because it is perfect and I fully understand it.

The ethical dilemma in your was if you lose something, you should try to win it back. The choices were a bit tempting. The mechanism for the making the choices were clear.

I think your animation story

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Submitted by 16shenw on Thu, 2012-01-05 17:53.

I think your animation story was great. I really liked the plot of the story and how everything is perfectly timed. Also I really liked how you showed what had happened in the end after you chose your decision, instead of just telling the player what had happened in the end after you chose that decision. There wasn't anything that I would have you change or add since the project was great.

Review of your ethical story

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Submitted by 16jumanm on Thu, 2012-01-05 18:52.

I liked the plot of your story, it was original and creative. The story was complex enough to be interesting, and the player would really want to know what happened in the end. You also carried out the dialogue and the "acting" quite well, there were no bugs or breaks in the story.

Honestly, there really weren't any problems with your story that I could find. I might have changed the storyline a little, made hand-drawn backgrounds, that kind of thing, but it was really good and I think it met all of the requirements.

The ethical dilemma in your story was good. It made sense, and the choices were very clear. The wrong choice was somewhat tempting, but for me the right choice was pretty clear. The only thing that wasn't great about the decision was when I had to type in the choice I picked. I wasn't sure if I should type in the whole sentence, or just A, or a, or a. so maybe you should clarify that in the text describing the decision.

Comment by Christian

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Submitted by 16trottic on Thu, 2012-01-05 20:22.

I liked how the story transitions well from one scene to the other. When the character walks to the edge of the screen, the next background appears and the character is at the other edge of the screen. This perfectly simulates walking. The story runs very smoothly.

I noticed that sometimes dialogue was spoken at the same time there was narration on the background. By the time I read the narration, the dialogue was finished. I think that this is the greatest problem in your animation, although it is minor. You should program the dialogue to be spoken after a few seconds of narration so that the viewer could read both the narration and the dialogue.

The ethical dilemma in your story is clear. I understood the choices and the consequences of each decision. The consequences of the decisions can teach people to put the needs of others before their own needs. The wrong choice was tempting because the diva seemed to be very cold. Choosing to go to the cabin instead of rescuing the boy (the good choice) was tempting for the sake of the character. The mechanism for making choices was clear. I really enjoyed watching your animation.

10 backgrounds

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Submitted by 16kokoszkar on Tue, 2012-01-24 13:01.

Ashley, you did really well with your ethical story and I really enjoyed it. I liked how many backgrounds you had put into it and I think there were at least more than 10 backgrounds. It is very different from the other ethical stories I've seen because everyone else had a long chunk of the story told in only one background ( such as mine ) and the fact that you could tell the story smootly in this many backgrounds is amazing. Good job :D .

I really loved your

Submitted by 17levkoviche on Tue, 2012-04-24 13:56.

I really loved your animation. I think the moral was that you should make sure to be caring of others around you, and not only center the world around yourself.
The ethical dilemma was when the girl had to decide on whether to save the boy from drowning or go into the warm cabin and get shelter.
I got to interact in the animation by being able to decide which decision the diva made. I actually tried doing both of them, one at a time, just to see how the story would end!

I love this animation. You

Submitted by 17zamagiase on Tue, 2012-04-24 14:07.

I love this animation. You were very creative in your story line. The backgrounds, characters, and character's costumes were all amazing. I loved the entire story and the two different options you had to choose from.
The moral to this story is very good. It also shows that you should always help others in life. It also shows that almost all of the times, you should make the right decisions in life.

Ethical Story

Submitted by 17hossainm on Tue, 2012-04-24 21:51.

I really liked your storyline, it really attracts the reader. I also liked your ethical dilemma. Your choices were realistic if a person was ever to be stuck in a bad situation.

I loved your animation!

Submitted by 17marukyann on Wed, 2012-04-25 19:04.

I really enjoyed your animation. I also liked your backgrounds, and Sprites. Your story plot was accurate and understandable. But I have one question, how did the agent know that the Diva couldn't speak? That was the only part that didn't make sense to me. Otherwise I liked everything about this animation.
I thought that your animation definitely showed an ethical dilemma. It was interactive for the viewer to view and had two different decisions that the viewer could choose. The animation was meaningful and had a good moral. Once again, I really loved your animation.