Oct 10, 2014
by: Michelle

Recently, I read Divergent, by Veronica Roth. I appreciated this book. The reason i appreciated this book is because this book actually kept my attention through every page i was constantly reading this book i finished in a matter of 3 days.this book not only was interesting but made you think about what life will be like in the future and how would society today benefit or be broken down by the system of government implemented in this book.
The protagonist is Beatrice Prior.Her story is set in future chicago, specifically in a sector specifically for a faction called abnegation. The significance of the abnegation sector setting is that it tells you more about how beatrice was brought up and makes the transition from her being abnegation to dauntless more significant.she was always taught to be selfless and quiet when she moved to the dauntless headquarters she felt more liberated and felt that she no longer had to feel like she didn't belong because she finally found where she belonged or so she thought.
Beatrice faces certain forces and pressures.Having to fight her way through dauntless initiation , not telling anyone she is divergent,all the way while falling in love with her instructor four. She meets these forces and pressures by deciding to trust someone and that someone was her instructor four and proves that this was a good choice because he then decides to help her and not show during simulations that she is divergent. You can see this early in the story on page 255.
The tension rises when beatrice now pronounced tris wake up in the middle of the night to sound of the other people who got through dauntless initiation getting ready seemingly in a trance like state.She then brings herself to blending in to find out what was going on and sees that four is not under the trance that the others are under and begins to believe he is also divergent and She then sees that they seem to be headed toward abnegation. This might leave a reader feeling confused. Why would dauntless be on their way to abnegation heavily armed?What are they going to do? these are just two of the many questions that would run through the readers head.
The story climaxes when tris sees the other dauntless dragging out innocent abnegation and making them get on their knees on the floor pointing their guns at them. Tris then starts to worry about her family and her and four go on their way to the house but are stopped by eric a ruthless dauntless leader and he is about to shoot four so then tris jumps into action and then it is now known that they are both divergent. ‘In seconds we are surrounded.Tobias helps me up, supporting my weight.I have trouble focusing through the pain.Dauntless soldiers surround us and point their guns. ‘Divergent rebels,’ Eric says, standing on one foot.His face is a sickly white. ‘surrender your weapons.’’
The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict.Tris eventually escapes finds four and defeat the person who was in charge of the simulation jeanine making her shut off the simulation which woke up the dauntless and stopped them from killing more people. It’s a person v. person and person v. society type of conflict that’s driving this story. the reason why i say this is because there are many confrontations with other people in the story such as jeanine, other dauntless initiates, her friends,etc. It is also a person v society because tris has to go against the way her society has been made she is divergent which means she doesn't fit into just one faction she fits into 3 which is unheard of she has to go against her current faction (Dauntless) to then go and save her old faction that she came from (Abnegation).



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Make sure you capitalize the

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Make sure you capitalize the names and after punctuation. I recently read this book for a project and I really liked it. I liked your essay and it gave lots of good details about the plot.