DIY Christmas

Dec 20, 2013
by: mschmiett
Step 2
Step 1
Final Product

This project was making a collage of photos. The letter that the photos are collaged on is a letter C, for I was giving this as a gift to Caroline (and 'C' is the first letter of her name. To start, I chose at least 5 photos and cut them in a way so they would fit onto the C. Next I took some background paper and also cut that into a form of a C. I then Mod-Podged the paper onto the C. On top of the paper, I slathered the Mod-Podge and then placed the cut out photos on top of the glue. As the last step, I smothered the photos with a finishing layer of Mod-Podge so the photos would stick. WOW PRESTO! Now you have a great present to give to family and friends filled with memories that will last a lifetime.