DIY Mother's Day Photo Garland

May 12, 2014

Do you need to make a quick, easy, yet meaningful present for Mother's Day? This fabulous photo garland is super simple yet very customizable and sentimental.
To make this Mother's Day photo garland you will need: photos, string\twine\ribbon, small clothes pins or something to hang your photos with, and other decor for in between photos like yarn tassels(optional).
First lay out the string of your choice and lay the photos along it to decide how long your garland will be. Next, hang the string in between two chairs or other furniture. Pin the photos to the string and add any additional decor in between the photos. Once everything is arranged as you desire cut the string. If your garland is to long you may make two different layers by putting more photos on the second string so it hangs lower and tying the two garlands together.
This garland is easy and very customizable. You can make this gift for any occasion by the types of photos and decorations!