DIY Photo Star

May 12, 2014

This Mother's Day I created this photo star to give to her. It was fairly simple and inexpensive, but the results were extraordinary. For your materials you will need the following: metal or cardboard star (here's how to make your own cardboard star:, scrapbook or decorative paper, ten photographs (black and hite looks best, and mine were 4x6), mod podge, scissors, pen or marker, a template (, and finally patience.

How you do it:
1. You'll need to print out the templates, and a picture of the finished product to refer to.
2. Cut out two pieces of one piece of decorative paper for the top point, four pieces of another piece of decorative paper for two of the points, and finally four pieces of another piece of decorative paper for two of the points. (This step is just a suggestion, but this is how I did it. You could possibly use the same decorative paper.) *Also make sure whatever you do that the pieces you cut out go where you want them to go (refer to the picture for assistance)*
3. Cut the ten photographs based on where you wish them to be placed. *Cut carefully* One tip that helped me is that I traced the template on the photo in pen (pencil doesn't show up) then held the photo to the light to see where my cuts would be made.
4. Glue all the pieces onto the star with mod podge, and trim excess paper if any, and wait for that to dry.
5. Finally, coat everything in mod podge. Paint in thin layers at a time, and add more if needed.

Ta da you now have your own Photo Star. Congradulations!
For those who want to know mine took about two hours to complete.
Hopefully you can use this idea to make it for someone special, or for your own enjoyment.