Djokovic Winning Streak

May 27, 2011
by: 13belkinj

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It wasn't too hard to complete this video. All it took was still pictures, a voice over, and transitions inbetween the slides. To make it I had to find pictures from different points in Djokovic's career and put them all together. Djocovic is on an extreme winning streak and is still now playing in the French Open. He has won every men's tournament this year, only losing games in most cases. With those pictures I added transitions to make the pictures more interesting and more aesthetically pleasing. After this I opened the article and created the voiceover.

One thing that I like about my video is that the pictures are very good and portray Djocovic at his best. My second favorite part of the video is the article except for the interruption. That leads into my least favorite part which is Jade talking while I was reading the article. Also I had fewer pictures than I had wanted so they went on repeat. 


The video is missing.

Submitted by ssaha on Wed, 2011-06-01 10:22.

The video is missing.