Do people like peace, oil, or money?

Apr 11, 2010
by: 15ShimaT

 I played the game Oiligarchy which was one of the games my teacher introduced me to. This was all about the production of oil and how dangerous it can be. In Urgent Evoke the game is based on how to prevent these things, which was the opposite of OIligarchy.  In both of these games it is about global problems, but Evoke has a lot of topics such as clean water, electricity, and food crisis. Oiligarchy was only about the production of oil in many different places.  The production soon led to fighting in Iraq, which is happening right now. the game went to about 2250, where in the end, World War III starts, and it is the end of the world. This tells us that oil is a evil substance that can lead major countries into fighting over it. As I earlier, Evoke tries to prevent this in creative ways to imagine and to act.