Do people really have prices?

Feb 26, 2014

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In Quentin Hardy essay, "Global Slavery, by the Numbers" from Hardy, Q. 2013. Global Slavery, by the Numbers. [online] Available at: author explained how human trafficking is around the world. There was a clear explanation of how human trafficking differentiates. The article includes details on how the modern slaves are working and what their advertisement looks like.

When we consider the issue of human trafficking, some might wonder: Do the slaves really have prices? Hardy's news item addresses this question because he includes the price range the owners see the slaves. The prices can range from sixty to two thousand dollars. The companies that sell the slaves can earn between $500,000 to $1,000,00 dollars.

Hardy writes: On average today, a person is a slave for six years, after which the person usually escapes, repays the debts holding them, or dies.
This is basically saying that people who are trafficked are not trafficked for long. The quote is also saying that there is probably usually no way out of the six years without a lot of pain and trauma. It is luck to survive the six years without dying.
Hardy also states: Sexual slavery brings the slave’s owner $18,000 over the slave’s working life in Thailand, and $49,000 in Los Angeles. This is interesting because that is a lot of money being taken in for slavery. They sell bodies to make money and that is cruel. The slaves are not found and suffer for someone else’s business.

This might make one wonder if the sellers get caught. I want to know if they hide the slaves. Another new thought I have is how do the customers know not to tell. Where do the slaves live? Is there a bigger person controlling the sales of slaves?

Another point Hardy makes in his news item is: While slavery is illegal across the globe, the SumAll Foundation noted, there are 27 million slaves worldwide, more than in 1860, when there were 25 million. Most are held in bonded servitude, particularly after taking loans they could not repay. Slaves cost slightly more now, with a median price of $140, compared with $134 per human then. This is significant because it mentions a foundation that helps those who are being trafficked. It is also significant because it shows that people are trying to help put an end to modern day slavery.

A final point addressed by Hardy is: "While this may open the group to charges of sensationalism, Mr. Atkinson said it was an effort to make clear that the developed world is also a consumer of slave labor." This is also important because people should realize that slavery still exists. The world is making most of its money from modern day slavery.

Some might agree with Atkinson that people should realize slavery still exists. One reason is that people should not be blind sided thinking slavery was only for when the africans traveled to work here. Another reason some might agree with Atkinson is that if more people realized slavery still existed, it may seize, and gradually decrease.

What this news item makes me realize is that people who know that slavery is still around try to help stop it. For my future research on this topic, I think I will research on the different types of jobs the traffickers have to do. I will also research what happens to the slaves if they try to escape or misbehave.



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Dear Jarissa:

I am Fascinated by your post, "Do people really have prices?" because it is about Human trafficking and how much people sell other people for. That is wrong and should not be happening in modern day.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: ". The companies that sell the slaves can earn between $500,000 to $1,000,00 dollars." I think this is crazy because that is a little for selling someones life away to someone else to “own” them no one should be owned this is their life's. The companies that are selling the people should not put prices on people how would they feel if they were sold.

Another sentence that I found interesting was: On average today, a person is a slave for six years, after which the person usually escapes, repays the debts holding them, or dies. This stood out for me because I didn't think that they had a time limit to how long they would be slaves. I also didn't know that they paid their debts off by having sex with other men. This is cruel and should not happen to anyone.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next. I am interested in what you are writing about and want to hear more about this topic.