Do thoughts relate to nature vs nurture

Mar 31, 2009
by: jsmith
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How are thoughts related to nature vs nurture?

First of all,we all think. That is one of the most significant aspects of the mind. if you do not think,you do not wonder,if you don't ponder then you do not want to know. If you don't have the urge to know,then there is nothing more to say. You have basically accepted your level of intelligence. My theory is that a thought is an environment. What I mean by this is that in an environment, there is another factor. This factor is the environment though. All the thoughts that run through a certain area are uniform. They may be different in the actual semantics but they all come from a uniform base.
I will give examples a bit later in the essay but this is pretty simple to comprehend. This is part of what makes the environment, if somebody is thinking about something that generally does not relate to the area. He or she gets ostracized for it. People cannot hear your thoughts unless you express them but what you think will reflect on your being. If you are nervous because you are thinking about something intimidating and such. You therefore will act tenuous and scared. When you are in the environment for a long time. You start to eventually get used to it,but what you're really getting used to is the thoughts. What people are saying,feeling,doing. Its all just thoughts and we live by them.
Levels of thought
You see; like different facets of words. There are different facets of thought as well. They range from negative/immature to positive/advanced and such. Now the environment depends on the level of thought. Now there can also be a crossover of thoughts,this is where problems occur. Like i have mentioned in earlier posts,words can do the same thing. Thoughts have a bigger effect though. It would probably change the whole environment..for better or worse. Think of a thought with plus,minus,divide or multiply signs attached to it. It can either make the environment better,take something away from it,split it into another environment or create another environment similar to it. This is how thoughts work. It is working all the long as people are thinking,its working.
The most abundant
Well i think that thoughts with different signs occur in more places then others. I would say,looking from a global scale that division and addition thoughts occur at the same rate in today's world. Think of it,we are always ambulatory, never stagnant. If an individual moves from one place to another, he is adding himself to the place he is traveling to. This is simple logic. Now that is just one individual,think of how many people are on earth. Now,think of every single as a walking that is A lot of thoughts. Now i found a quote that relates to all of this even though it may not seem like it.

Quote: Women/Men's attention
"One might ask why the only gender-specific issues that seem to deserve federal attention are ones that affect women. Why not look at the fact that men account for 80 percent of suicides and 90 percent of workplace fatalities (as well as 70 percent of nonfatal on-the-job injuries)?"
What i think
What this quote is talking about is how women get so much more pity them men when it comes to their issues and faux paws. We put up with so much more then they do including them so it does not make sense that we have to succumb to all of this. We get this silent treatment if you will because we always have to work out our own problems sue to the fact that we are men. Women just sit back and say "im sorry" or " i dont know what to say". I hate those 5 words used together as a sentence. I would never say that to anyone,if you need my help. I will help you. Anyways, this ties into my whole discussion because thoughts literally do play a huge role in all of this suicide buisness. Thoughts induce actions as i have mentioned in one of my earlier posts. Now the types of actions depend on the "level of thought" Thoughts of suicide are obviously on the negative side.
Also,these kinds of thoughts have a minus on them which means they can take away or bring something demoting to a certain environment. Now like i ahve said before,people aremoving all the time so suicidal people are moving all the time. Most of the time,no environment accepts them due to the fact that maybe these thoughts are way to negative. This makes the person feel even more isolated and then he finally decides to off himself. It is usually like a cold war between thoughts of all kinds basically. I want to add this to that environment,well you cant add this because i already added that and your thought would subtract what i added and it goes on and on. Its disgusting but its how we work. Women though walk around with more of the thoughts that have a plus sign on them. When you are a plus thought,you add to the environment and the people in that environment add themselves to you in a way. This is why women get more attention when it comes to issues then men i think.

Quote: relationships
"In it, she goes over some of the biological reasons behind why we fall in love with some people, but not with others. She also touches on the “nature vs. nurture” debate, and how, for quite some time, the “nurture” side (how we are raised, our parents, the environment we grow up in, etc.) was thought to play a pretty significant role in determining our relationship preferences."
Here's why
Now,i totally agree with this quote for the fact that,again this one relates to thought also. Your thoughts will generally attract anyone who shares some of the same as you do. In a certain environment which prohibits these thoughts to be expressed and with a certain sign on the partners thought,things will work out. Lets say,you are more on the plus side...and your admirerer is on the minus side. Maybe you have something that you can add to him/her that will change him from a negative to a positive sign. This is all extremely cyclic,as we speak,two people might be falling in love because their equations make sense. As long as you are moving also,you always have a chance of doing anything; loving, learning, anything at all!! You also always have the chance of being changed into something worse or better.

Picture relation

For some reason, i cant get the actual photo on here but the link is above so check it out. Well i chose this picture due to the fact that thoughts cannot be expressed verbally because of the level that they are on and such and so people can write them down. There are alot of restrictions within other peoples minds when it comes to thoughts. Thoughts create people i think and if they are not being expressed somehow....something slows down,something collosal. It would not just have an effect on the individual but also an effect on the world. If we are not constantly dividing and adding and subtracting with our thoughts,nothing will ge done and everything will be still....we can never have this never will happen. It probably does happen but on a very very small scale,probaly with a group of people at any given time. Paper is another medium of communication. If its not spoken...its written. In todays world....there is alot to "think" about.