Do Video Games Promote Violence

Apr 19, 2012
by: CListon

I just read an article about Anders Behring Breivik, the right-wing extremist on trial for killing 77 people in Norway; Norway's worst peacetime massacre. He claimed that he refined his aiming skills by playing computer games. "Breivik said he played the computer game Modern Warfare for 16 months starting in January 2010, primarily to get a feel for how to use rifle sights." This has brought up a common question many people have, do video games promote violence? Christopher Ferguson, a professor at Texas A&M University does not believe there is a connection between violent video games and aggression. Action games can improve "visuospatial cognition." This would allow Breivik to increase aiming ability. I agree with Christopher Ferguson on the issue. I do not believe playing shooting games will increase a persons' chances of performing violent acts. I think the person already has to have psychological problems, that video games would simply not bring otherwise. In this particular case Breivik was already planning on performing violent acts and he was simply using video games as a way to increase hand-eye coordination and other reflex ability. It is pretty obvious that video games can improve reflexes.



The Professor is right!

Submitted by Arnolds on Thu, 2012-05-03 13:30.

To be honest, I must agree with professor Ferguson, a game does not promote violence. The way I see it a video game is more of an outlet, used to relieve stress in a person, which is why people find more violent video games more entertaining, because who would want to massacre else and their families without knowing and,or fearing the concequinces. Someone like Breivik knew the concequinces, and did not care for them. From personal experience, video games don't make me want to kill thousands of people, it sates my insanity, in a way. Without games like Call of Duty, many of us in the gaming community would be just like Anders Behring Breivik because we wouldn't have any other form of relieving stress from our everyday life.