Do you still want it?

May 12, 2013
by: gabcab

The topic I chose was McDonald's food. I picked this topic because it is really interesting how most of the population eats McDonald food even though they know its not healthy. Many people eat certain foods and they do not even know what they are eating. I have always questioned myself when eating McDonald's. I already knew that McDonald's was not healthy, but I never really payed attention to the nutrition facts about it. In the last few days I started to hear the real truth about what is inside McDonald's food. I found it really interesting when I found out that McDonald's fries were like the worst things in the menu. Also when I found out what was really in those chicken nuggets. After I heard this I never entered a McDonald's store again.

So far in my research, I been researching the different ingredients in McDonald's food. The information I found was not really what I wanted to hear . During my research I found out that McDonald's meat has a lot of chemical and it is not even made out of only meat. It was a little hard to find information based on the fact that I don’t know which source of information was right or appropriate. I started by searching the certain ingredients that were supposedly in the chicken nuggets. During my research I came across the document “ McDonald's drops use of gooey ammonia-based 'pink slime' in hamburger meat ” By : M. Alex Johnson In this article the author explains how McDonald's agreed to stop the use of ammonia in their chicken nuggets. This was a result after McDonald's got expose by Jamie Oliver. Wait, they STOPPED using it. So those that mean we consumed ammonia when we ate our chicken nuggets. Are you still hungry now? After that I kept on searching for more info and I found “Response to Chicken McNugget Rumors by McDonald's . In this document I found McDonald's defending themselves against the others comments. They insisted their meat is made out of 100% White chicken.

After doing some good research I figured out that not all the bad things said about McDonald's food were true. For example those horrible picture soft the pink slime were false. According to some documents, that picture came from a factory in China that was created for something else. I kept researching and I found this document called “ Mommy, Where Do Chicken Nuggets Come From? Pink Slime” by Nick shell . In this article he speak about whether the rumors were true or not. After reading this article I figured that he did not agree with the rumors spreading through the internet. He believe that the rumors where the cause of other people being jealous of McDonald's success. I don’t really believe this because I think that there is something weird about their food, it just takes the right information to figure it out. I kept on researching and I figured that there is proof from ex employees that McDonald’s is not the best place to go grab a quick meal. After reading the article “Grilled chicken, dirty ice and don't you dare touch that ketchup bottle: The dangers of fast food choices by people who work in the joints” by Laura Pullman, I figured that people actually had proof of the monstrosity that McDonald’s was feeding their clients. In this article one employee states that after leaving a bag of chicken mcnuggets on the counter for a long time , he saw it turn into a pool of liquid. Do you still want to eat McDonald’s now?

Even Though many article go against the believe that McDonald’s food has anything bad in it. I still stand on the side that were I don't advise anyone to eat their food. It is my opinion that McDonald's still includes some of these horrible ingredients even though they claim they don’t. I believe that if I do the right research I would find the right information that would prove my argument to be right. Something I would be saying about this topic are the ingredients that are really included in McDonald’s food. I would need to state this so that the reader would be able to understand what they are really eating when they buy those food. I would also be stating the way many people found out about these horrible things in their food. It could be proven by researches and experiments that even though many people state that McDonald's is has good food, it is still the worst type of food that a person may want to insert their body.


Great Post!

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Submitted by huntia on Tue, 2013-05-14 15:28.

Dear Gabby,
I have found great interest in your post "Do You Still Want it?" This post was very interesting to me because I also want to know if McDonald's is lying about what's in their food. One sentence that stood out to me was " Many people eat certain foods and they do not even know what they are eating." This stood out to me because in all of McDonald's advertisement they claim that the meat is 100% white meat or beef. I also agree because many people including my self wouldn't be eating at McDonald's if they knew what it was made of. Another statement that stood out to me was " I have always questioned myself when eating McDonald's." I totally agree with you on this because I have heard countless rumors, about McDonald's food. Another reason why I agree is, because personally I don't think that their food taste "regular". After reading this post, and having information that I already know I believe I want to stop eating McDonald's. Thank you for writing this great post. I look forward to reading more. Good job on changing my mind.