"Do You Want to Build A Wall?"

Oct 13, 2016

Oh hi there, here is the Movie Destroyer. Yes, I'm back.
Recently I'm feeling that I'm becoming more political because apparently, the election is right behind the corner and I, someone who doesn't meet the voting requirement, is sitting in front of my computer, and trying to pull something out from all the voices from the political domain and just, standing in a middle ground, give you all something about my view on the election.
Note: I'm not a Trump supporter nor a Hillary supporter.
Also, the Movie Destroyer rule #1:
No one asked you to read this. If you think that I sucks, just don't read this.
Trump Pro:
Trump is someone who is more of a financial leader. He was a businessman and he knows how to take US to a wealthier road.
His men are wiser.
He wants to build a wall, which can provide jobs.
Trump Con:
He is both aggressive toward others and racist.
He wants to build a wall, which is stupid, inefficient and will cost a ton of money.
Hillary Pro:
She can help women gain more rights.
She is not aggressive or racist.
Hillary Con:
She isn't a good leader.
Her men are very stupid and aggressive.

Donald Trump in a nutshell: Obamacare is stupid, Hillary is stupid, I'm the only smart guy.
I was watching the debates recently, I didn't watch the first one though, since I have a ton of hw that day, but I watched the second, and I was impressed. NEGATIVELY.
I was watching Trump saying that everyone is equal, that he respects everyone... Yet he showed NO respect to the hosts, the audiences and Hillary Clinton. Did you find that he was trying to change the topic all the time? He didn't even answer his questions. After every single question was posed, he avoid them and turned to blame Hillary. And I was like "what the heck?" He literally blamed everything on Hillary and the hosts. Quote "This is a one-to-three debate!"
I mean, seriously, does he have a problem? He assault women and try to avoid talking about it. Okay, I know that Hillary is definitely lying about her mails, but at least she didn't blame that on Trump, did she???
Trump was super aggressive that night, and honestly, I didn't hear anything important. He sent useless air vibration into my earhole for like a whole hour and so and I was trying to not pay too much attention.
So much for Trump.
Hillary Clinton in a nutshell: International Liar
Look at her fake smile and you know that she is lying all the time. Politicians lie, I admit, but well, she did too much. There is that problem of everyone knows that she is lying but we're like "meh, just let her be" and so that the mail stuff just stays here.
Everything in a nutshell:
Trump shouted to the hosts: "Why do you target me? Why do you want to talk about my video but not her mails? That's #(number) of mails! Why don't you let her respond that problem???"
Wow, Trump. Nice job letting people give up on you.

Choose wisely on your vote
Help your parents choose the right vote
I'm standing on a middle ground, those are just some facts that I want to state.

The Movie Destroyer
I'm doing Suicide Squad this month and Doctor Strange next month. Stay tuned for more updates.

A message for students:

1. Bullies don't reason with you, and they don't reason with teacher either. A teacher's talk to them means nothing, they won't stop. You folks know that they're stupid so why pay attention to them? They're just trying to get attention, and if everyone ignores them, they can't find fun in bullying. So just think that they're brainless organisms whose words are nothing but waste.
2. STOP LABELING YOURSELF WITH COLORS! WE'RE NOT RACIST! SOME PEOPLE STARTED THOSE!!! If you don't say those words in videos and something else, no one will think about that! You guys started it and say that we need to stop? That doesn't make sense! Come on. You guys know that I'm not from here, right?
PS, OHS BSU, my humble advise--change a name.