Mar 2, 2012
by: AllieMD

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Ocean acidification is a rising problem on Earth. It is a term used to decribe the rising acidity in the oceans. 1/3 of the carbon dioxide we edmit from burning ficil fuels is absorbed by the oceans. This equals to 1 million tones every day. When the carbon dioxide disolves into the sea water, the H2O and CO2 molecules combine forming carbonic acid (H2CO3). This changing chemistry is causing our oceans to become more acidic. Over the past 200 years the acidity has risen by 30%. The pH of the oceans has droped by 0.1 pH units (from 8.2-8.1). This might not seam like a very big change but marine life has not been given the time to adapt to it. The decreasing pH is effecting calcifying organisms (like coral), shell creatures