Apr 15, 2010
by: rgre9714

What company makes a better truck? Dodge or Chevy? Personally Dodge has produced more power to me because my dodge truck towed huge motor homes and trailers. I have the full banks diesel turbo injection system and an extra injector pump. I have driven a Chevy with close of the same tune up and it doesn’t have that power I’m looking for in my dodge. Chevy has a nice look to them and I hear that they can be good working trucks but from my experience. Dodge trucks haven’t let me down.

From I found some information about that dodge has blown away the competition in the truck series. Although Dodge has had some transmissions problems the overall truck has beat everyone. The 2001 Chevy Silverado and the 2001 Dodge Ram where compared and the dodge has more horsepower and torque (both stock.) If you every buy a towing truck or a truck that is simply amazing, you want a dodge.

I have loved trucks since I was a little kid and have been studying the new types of cars and trucks. Including back earlier with the banks system, this system gives you that extra power you need to do whatever you want. Thanks for reading glad to hear your opinion.