Does challenge push people to expand their limits?

Sep 7, 2009
by: XLiu

People are able to reach out of their “limit” when they are force to, because they don’t know their real limit. Those who live ordinary life would not bother to push themselves further, since there’s no need of that. However, difficult challenges force people to reach out of their known limit, into something beyond. Which is, perhaps their true limit.

I had many experiences with reaching out of my limit, all of them as the results of accepting something consider difficult by me, since I never try them before. I remember a few years ago I was a lazy and useless kid, I never want to accept any challenge, because I thought it was out of my limit. ( But then again, everything is a challenge to little kid.) It wasn’t until one day my mom woke me out of my endless daydreams by signing up one course after another for me. Due to the courses, I have no time to rest, or daydream. I had to take classes from 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening, which was the amount of time I used to play. I never thought I would be able to handle so many course at once, since I almost have problem with just the course from school. Different from what I expected, I was able to overcome the challenge. I handle the time better than I thought, and my grades was not bad, and all I did was work a little harder than I ever did. Never would I know that I could expand my limit if it wasn’t for the push my mother gave. Before taking all the courses, I gave myself a low limit, a limit that I thought was my true limit. What my mother did was giving challenge that I thought was out of my reach. However, at the end I discover that the planning of the course actually helped me discover my limit.


 I liked reading this

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Submitted by vmcbean on Tue, 2009-09-08 10:53.

 I liked reading this because when I was younger i was the same way. it wasn't until this year that I discovered that I could do more. this year the school work wasn't that hard, but i had many other responsibilities at home that were really stressful on me. At first it was really hard to handle but then as i started getting used to it my grades started going up, and i got better at managing time