Does cheating truly get you ahead?

Jun 8, 2016

Hey guys, it's James here with another discussion. Although this topic in itself is quite controversial, I think it's needing to be discussed. It's not something that's normally discussed on here, let alone most websites, but it's something that's been plaguing the world since the beginning.

This post has everything to do with cheating. From cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend, cheating on your exam, cheating on your employment application even cheating on a game to get ahead. Although many of these topics are not closely related, they're very similar in many ways, because they all have one motive: to obtain an achievement the wrongs ways in order to get ahead.

From your Mother to your Father, even the peers that you go to school with, we're all susceptible to cheating. And that's not because we intend to shape the world around our beliefs and goals and are all manipulators, but because cheating is hardwired into our brains. As humans, we tend to shape our world so that the tasks we have at hand are easier than they should be - we'll always choose the easier path. Not only because the easier path is more convenient than the harder one, but because results are must faster when you take the easy path, versus when you take a more difficult path. All in all, cheating seems to be an pandemic in our world. Unfortunately, it's not going to stop any time soon either. 

An independent study suggests that over 88% of people have cheated at least once in their lifetime. Which suggests that a LARGE majority of the people reading this post have cheated at least once and/or struggle with cheating. But that's okay, I also struggle with cheating... In fact, not but a week ago I had fallen susceptible to cheating.
About 8 days ago I began playing a new game on my phone with several close friends called Racing Rivals. Being in a small friend group, we tend to share many similar interests. For example, we all LOVE gaming. Not only because we all own several successful Gaming channels on YouTube, but because we're driven by passion. This passion is what keeps us together in friendship - I almost lost this friendship when I was caught cheating.

Racing Rivals tends to be a difficult game to play. If you don't have money to spend to buy in-game currency or items, things get a little hard to obtain. Being that my friends were extremely competitive professional gamers and I was anything but, I decided that it'd be best if I seek an alternative method to competitively play and possibly get ahead of them in-game. So after seeking some cheats like line hacking or spin glitching, I came across racing rivals classified, which happened to be one of the leading racing rivals hacks out there. Although I knew the consequences if they were to find out about cheating, I took the chance and hacked the game. i didn't think twice about how my friends feelings would get hurt or how I would explain my ulterior motives or complex that caused me to practically let down some of the best friends I have. I took the opportunity to take the easy path and got burned doing so.

Unluckily, I lost several friendships after this incident.The moral of this story is, there are many things you should consider when you cheat. Whether you're cheating on a person, cheating in a game or cheating on a test. Cheating is bad and will only land you in trouble at the end of the day. So, next time you consider cheating one of the several options you have, think about all the things you could potentially lose if you were caught cheating!

Don't cheat, it can destroy friendships.