Do We Need to Control Guns?

May 30, 2016

Hello Youthvoices, this is the Movie Destroyer's political version. Today our topic is about gun control.

Does a strong law enforcement on gun control make our society better?

I made a survey to our school (cross off) class (actually, 12 person in total). One of the questions is "do you believe that guns are the weapon that kill the most people each year". If you think "yes, it is", then I'm pretty much disappointed, because the total number of other kills are several times higher than firearms. See? A lot of things isn't actually the way that they seems to be.
Then I concluded all the answers I get from the essay question of the survey, and the thing that came out was:

*Star this because it's important*
Do you think that we need to control guns?
If you think that we do, what we need to control, in reality, is people. Guns don't kill, people do. Ban all guns is NOT reasonable, and isn't a possible way to do so. I don't have a gun though, but for me, something that can keep security and get you some extra food is always helpful. Also, there are bunch of other ways that you can actually get a gun without let any other know. Too many methods! Black markets there are, and smugglers. Okay, I'm serious, lots of illegal guns are coming from those ways. Border security is VERY IMPORTANT. Just don't build a wall. Are you serious? Build a wall along the border? No, dear Mr. Trump, that doesn't work. Haven't you watch Pacific Rim?

Lots of my responders told me that they prefer to check the people's background before they can get a gun. The background includes crime history, family crime record, potential violence, etc. This is basically the same as what I think. Usually people with a potential violent personality and a possible motivation are dangerous--revenge is always a factor of crimes.
Go check please they have a lot of informations. We surely have a whole lot of gun kills in US each year but hey, you didn't count smoking. That's 443,000 people per year, almost 4 to 5 times higher than shooting, we have a good smoking control though.

Control people's right to buy/ own/ use guns is very important. By saying this I'm not saying that you can't have a gun, I'm saying that all my responders declared that they want people with a clear background to have the rights to own a gun, but not those ones with a crime history.

All in all, gun control DOES decrease crimes, but still there will be illegal guns, riots and shooting, but the control is the first step. I supports gun control IF it focus on checking PEOPLE WHO OWN GUNS. That's the core and the meaning of the whole thing.

There was an aggressive dude who declared that the survey is stupid but I admit what he said next, and I want to use it to end today's Movie Destroyer Politic Special (X-Men next month):

"Guns don't need to be control, people do."

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