Doesn't It Ever Gives You The Creeps?

Sep 26, 2010
by: PHuang

    Well as I had said before on my last post, I came upon something sickly interesting. It is like a whole paragraph long and well here it is. It was on page 10 and this is what I got, “The minute I went in, I was sort of sorry I’d come. He was reading the Atlantic Monthly, and there were pills and medicine all over the place, and everything smelled like Vicks Nose Drops. I twas pretty depressing. Im not too crazy about sick people, anyway. What made it even more depressing, old Spencer had on this very sad, ratty old bathrobe that he was probably born in or something. I don’t much like to see old guys in their pajamas and bathrobe anyway. Their bumpy old chest are always showing.” This was what made me think bad to an unpleasant day in the past where I had to do a good deed but involved me in doing something that made my stomach flip.
    I had to go visit one of my uncles in the hospital and well, lets just say I took the wrong turn and ended up in a naked facility of patients. It seems like I entered a room with mentally disabled people and all I see is people being wiped down by their family members to keep him/her clean. Not to be rude but all you could think of is to get out of there and well, that was harder than you think since the next door is across that room  with about 5 patients on each side of the path behind a glass window. And like they said in the book, “Their bumpy chest are always showing”, no kidding.
    With this being said, hopefully I didn't give out a bad image of me and so next time I’ll try to find something more, suitable for us. This line brought back disliked images of my past experiences and I just wanted to share it for the fun of it. Hope you guys/girls enjoyed it.