The Doll Test

May 19, 2015
by: cle

The doll test is a series of questions that children were asked about said dolls. One doll is white and one doll is black and the questions that are being asked of the children are to show how even at a young age, children are exposed to internalized oppression. The children are asked which doll they like to play with most and the answer was almost all the white doll. When asked any question that asked with a positive connotation like nice or beautiful, the kids always picked the white doll. And when asked with a question with a negative connotation, the children picked the black doll. I believe that from a young age, children of all ages are subliminally taught that white people are "normal" and "better" for media and society overall. Since almost every person on TV was white, I thought that they were normal and every other race wasn't, maybe even inferior. I think I believed that when I was little and I questioned any TV show that didn't have a cast of all white people. I didn't believe it was right at that young age. This causes internalized oppression in very young minds that will go on for a long time believe that white people are nice and beautiful. Even when taught that everyone is the same in elementary school, I still feel like I believed that white people were superior than me. I believe that society is improving on this by more minorities in media and more social justice movements.