Dolphins and environment

Oct 10, 2010
by: Dtoalongo

The environment that surrounds dolphins can cause damage. Last week I read about River dolphins been in danger because of their environment. Some times the place where they live can harm them. Many of the dolphins need to people to take care of them. I know there is people that have helped dolphins and are working to take care of them. People should take care of the environment so that this planet can be safe for animals. Pollution is very dangerous for dolphins, and this can cause many of them to die. There are many other factors that can harm dolphins. I want to know how the environment where dolphins live, affect them.
I’m learning more about dolphins right now, and in particular what I’m wondering about is: How does environment affect dolphins? I was researching this question online and this blog post caught my attention because the title was interesting. I was wondering how can 4 dolphins live in the same pool.
“It is unknown whether the dolphins were born in captivity or if they are wild. And releasing them into the Red Sea is out of the question since it is not their natural habitat. Not only would they put the local bottlenose dolphin population at risk of genetic and disease contamination, but if the dolphins are not wild their survival is far from guaranteed
The quote I chose here is basically saying that dolphins need to adapt into a specific environment in order to survive. They have to be in an environment that they are used to in order for then to survive.  
I think this is interesting because it means that if dolphins are not in the right environment then they can die. It makes me wonder what is the difference between the captivity and wild life of a dolphin.
I’ve been reading more about dolphins and in particular what I'm wondering about is: Does environment harm dolphins? I was researching this question online, and this news item caught my attention because in the summary I read about environmental danger. This made me want to find out what it was about and it answered my question.
“The array of 12 wind turbines was subject to environmental criticisms for the danger they might present to migrating birds and for initially scaring away the local dolphins.”
The quote I chose here is basically saying that 12 wind turbines can cause environmental damage. Due to this it can scare away the local dolphins. It tells us that these turbines can cause for dolphins to go some where else.
I think this is dangerous because then dolphins are going to get confused and mislead. It makes me wonder about where would the dolphins go.