Domestic Violence In The NFL

Dec 18, 2014

The release of the graphic video, where Ray Rice knocks out his girlfriend, and then proceeds to drag her on the floor, shook up the whole National Football Association. This case brought about more investigations in domestic abuse reports involving NFL players. Now there is a wide spread view that all NFL players are incredibly violent outside of the gridiron. I think many people view NFL players as criminals because of all the stories that have come out, but overall, NFL players' arrest rate is just 13 percent of the national average( I believe there is however a serious domestic abuse problem in the NFL. It is the most common crime among players and needs to be stopped. Ray Rices video, along with the discovery of what Adrian Peterson, because of the popularity of the players, caught a lot of peoples attention to the issue. It has been an issue for a while, not just this year, but the video brought it to the public. Something needs to be done to change domestic abuse among NFL players.


I like what you're saying

Submitted by dashiell57 on Mon, 2015-02-02 22:37.

Hi Nate. I agree with you that domestic violence is very much a problem in the NFL. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned the stat that NFL players' arrest rate is only 13 percent of the national average. This statistic was very effective mainly because I belive it would surprise many people that follow the NFL. What this stat showed me was that the NFL has a rediculous amount of money to bail out the NFL players that have committed crimes. There have been many times lately where NFL players have gotten off even when it looked obvious that they were guilty. Anyway, I completely agree that domestic violence is a problem and the NFL as well as the NCAA needs to start cracking down on all criminal activity regarding football players.

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I will confess that I know very little about football and the players in the NFL, so I believed in the image spread by the media that leads people to believe the crime rate and abuse rate for football players is unusually high. Abuse is a terrible offense, but misinforming people about these athletes is also inexcusable. I was very surprised by the arrest rate for NFL players, and it is a great way to emphasize how the perception of football players is warped.

But abuse and football is an issue that has to be addressed. The day of the Super Bowl has the most cases of abuse recorded out of the entire year, so there does seem to be a correlation between the sport and violence toward women.

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Submitted by LindsayRyan on Tue, 2015-02-03 23:55.

I agree with what Nate says. I feel that when people reach fame and fortune, they believe it is acceptable to comport themselves in unreasonable ways. Being on every TV in America is no excuse for abuse and poor behavior.