Donald Trump and the KKK? What's up with that?

Mar 1, 2016

The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump's dad was arrested in 1927 during a march of the KKK that turned violent.

This past weekend, Donald Trump was asked in an interview whether he accepts support of David Duke, a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. Trump would not answer, saying he never heard of David Duke.

So the reporter, Jake Tapper of ABC News, asked again about Duke, the Klan and white supremacists in general. Trump said he didn't know, again and again. It was strange that Trump wouldn't just say he doesn't want the support of racists, so the news went viral! Trump ended up saying the right thing later in that day, after people started finding out what he said.

The next day, The Washington Post featured an article from way back when Trump's father Fred was only 23, arrested at a 1927 event where 1000 Klansmen marched in Jamaica, Queens and clashed with police. A second NYC newspaper also reported at the time that Trump was arrested, for allegedly refusing when cops ordered people to leave the scene.

Trump has said his father's arrest never even happened, when clearly it had. No one is saying for sure his dad was in the KKK, but his arrest raises this question.

Today is Super Tuesday with 13 states holding primaries. Trump is expected to win, and win big today.

Should this change the presidential race? Is it too late?


I believe that it is too late

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Submitted by 21karhanm on Tue, 2016-03-01 17:18.

I believe that it is too late because the Republicans are wishing they never endorsed Trump and do not want to admit their big mistake so they continue to support him.The Republicans were however not scared to stop supporting Rubio after one major mistake. The reason they did this is because he was and embarrassment to the political party. If Donald Trump was cut loose than he would bite back, causing even more shame and embarrassment. I do not, however believe that this is changing the presidential race, but further proving his absence of sanity. I am listening to the radio and a listener quotes " anyone who cannot win his home state has problems". His followers were asked wether fake locations that sounded like they were Muslim countries should be destroyed. Over 70% answered yes. I hope he is impeached.

I believe that it is too late

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Submitted by 21GuerbiR on Tue, 2016-03-01 18:29.

I think that it is too late because most Trump followers, do not really pay attention to the news, considering they are Donald Trump supporters. Trump supporters have realized the mistake that they have made and do not want to admit this mistake and so they continue to support him. However if any other candidates had messed up, there supporters would have given up on them. Donald Trump does not get embarrassed easily, and if this did happen to him he would bite back. I don't believe, that this would change the race in any way,shape or form. If anything it would just be another thing trump will have to deal with later on in the race. I am hoping that he is interrogated.