Donald Trump's Immigration Policy

Mar 9, 2016
by: 18kimj

A major topic that seems to be discussed around by a lot of people is Donald Trump's immigration policy. Donald Trump states that we are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the need of other nations ahead of our own. However, Donald Trump's immigration policy seems to target more Mexicans than any other race.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall across the southern border. He also wants Mexico to pay for the wall that he will build and until they do, the United States will increase fees on border crossing cards. Another major idea that Donald Trump states in his immigration policies is increase penalties for the people who's visa is expired. Donald Trump states that people refuse to leave America even when their visa expires, therefore, he will subject this as a criminal penalty. His immigration reform also requires businesses and companies to hire American unemployed men and women before they hire people of any other race.

Another major ideas in Donald Trump's immigration policy is his idea to no longer provide tuition benefits. He states that far too many Americans pay much more for tuition than illegal immigrants. His five point plan describes his ideas to secure the border and make America great again. His five point plans are that he wants to build a wall, enforce immigration law, no more cozy detention centers, oppose the Dream Plan enforced by Obama, and no more future tuition benefits.