Jun 8, 2009
by: ELashley
Favorite books

Family get togethers
And millions of conversations
Floating through the air
Honeyglazed ham and cornbread
Flying fish, rice and peas
With sorrel and mauby
To wash down our meals
Holding eachothers hands
And saying grace
Thanking God for our food
Sipping from our cups of Kola Champegne
Thinking of stories from
Back in Barbados
Going to the beach
And jumping off the rock
Diving into waters so blue
Putting the sky to shame
Sneaking into the kitchen
Eating pieces of our momma's turnovers
When she wasn't around
Savoring the sweet coconut flavor
The smooth sounds of reggae in the background
And calypso pumping in the living room
Hypnotizing family and friends
Getting them up to dance and sing
As we move our hips
In Barbados, everyone's family
Even if we're not blood related :D

I miss Barbados :'D


This is Christian hacking

Submitted by ELashley on Thu, 2009-06-11 09:48.

This is Christian hacking Evelyn's account....lmfao YAY!!!!!!....I just wanted to say that this poem was mad deep, and very very cute. I love the way it made me feel as though I would want to go to Barbados and enjoy my time there with people who I can be "family" with even though we are not related. I love this poem and I think it's awesome. OH YES!!!!! I LOVE EVELYNZ ALOTZZZZ <333333!!!! SHOUT OUT TO ONE OF MY BESTIEZ!!!!!!=0 YAY!!!!!! <33333!!!!!

LOL u commin at it mad raw

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Submitted by GSoukup on Thu, 2009-06-11 10:04.

LOL u commin at it mad raw with breaded crust yo.This poem be mad fresh with the his-house g.

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lol OH YES! Thank you

Submitted by ELashley on Thu, 2009-06-11 23:07.

lol OH YES! Thank you G-rey xD

Hey I remember reading this

Submitted by CBroachS on Thu, 2009-06-11 09:59.

Hey I remember reading this before this post This poem is awesome MAd thanxgivng for n reason
- RuPaulBabii1
Cree: XD

Lmfao xDI'm glad that you

Submitted by ELashley on Thu, 2009-06-11 23:08.

Lmfao xD
I'm glad that you enjoyed my poem, even the second time around. I hope that you get to enjoy more of my poems as I post them up! :D

The food is great by the way lol