Don't tell me

Jul 13, 2013
Bahnhofstrasse , Zürich, Switzerland, by Patrick Nouhailler, Creative Commons

Don’t tell me that I have grown older
Don’t tell me that one day I’ll have my burden to carry.
That one day I can’t deliver an innocent smile
And that my eyes will haunt every picture
They will have been worn out
It will seem as though as death will have gotten to me
That I can no longer steal the roses in my aunties backyard
Don’t tell me about her,
The girl with the worried wrinkle near her brow,
The one who gave her lover to war
Who heard him die
Don’t tell me about my home
For I'll have none
By then,
You’ll find me,
already gone.


Dear Areeg,I love your poem!

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Submitted by prampersaud on Wed, 2013-07-17 12:48.

Dear Areeg,
I love your poem! Because of the techniques you used , your poems is organized and written beautifully.

I love the line, "Don’t tell me that one day I’ll have my burden to carry." Most unhappy people feel like they have to live with the burdens they have to carry for life. However, those people are pessimist. We should never listen to what others say, because everybody' circumstances are different.

Your poem was great. I hope you continue writing these poems,, and posting them on youth voices

Thank you!

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Submitted by aabdelhamid on Thu, 2013-07-18 10:19.

Dear Parveen,
Thank you for your comment!! It really means a lot! I love your interpretation of that line and yes you're right. I thought of this poem as something as the pain of growing older,and how that's something I fear. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and I think I might take your suggestion:)

Dear Areeg, I sincerely

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Submitted by Eva on Mon, 2013-07-22 11:56.

Dear Areeg,

I sincerely love,love, love your poem.

The first part,"Don’t tell me that I have grown older,Wiser," really got to me. It's hard to recognize that we grow older. Why? Because growing older complicates things. I'm 15, and I have already experienced few of the things that I would never wish for anyone else to live.

Growing older means, you have learned from your mistakes. Whether it was touching fire, or talking behind someone's back, in the end it all comes back to you.

It kinda sounds like karma. You know there's actually a song, called karma by Alicia Keys??
Sorry I'm getting off track, but that first line really got to me.

I hate when people tell me I'm older, that I can now know the difference between making a good decision and a bad one. But it's so hard! I'm not god, I can't possibly know EVERYTHING!

I counterclaim with the idea of EVER EVER being wise. Why? Because there's always that one person who's wiser than you. Who has experience more drama in their lives than you will ever live.

Have you ever heard the saying, "ignorance is a bliss"? I like that saying because being ignorant is so much easier than ever being wise. What would our world be like if we just didn't care anymore?

Like not caring how we dress now. Or not caring the way we talk... (I think I got that line from Taylor Swift and B.O.B. the song, Both of us)

I'm sorry I'm getting off track. (I tend to think a lot)

But I really meant when I said that first part of your poem really got to me. I feel like writing more, but I don't want to overwhelm you with my endless amount of random thoughts.

Keep writing please, I enjoy reading your stuff! -eva