The Double Theft of Diamonds

Mar 19, 2015

This is a project for technology class that was created on Scratch. The story follows the theft of a magical bag of diamonds. Will, who is a newsboy living in London, decides to try to track down the theif that has taken his friend's bag of diamonds. Little does he know, his friend is a culprit himself, and that the mysterious woman and her black cat are hiding something else.

Act One, Scene One:

In the city scene, in the early morning. Will’s bicycle is next to a tree in a corner in the left. Enter Will, right stage, and Seth, who is waiting by Will’s bike in stage left and carrying a brown bag.

Will (calling out to Seth): Hey Seth, whats up?

Seth (laughing): Dude, you know nothing ever happens around here. Selling jewelry and stuff.

Will (shrugging and moving closer to his bike): Nah, guess not. But I, unlike you, do not like to   be late to work. So I, unlike you, have to leave now. I’ll stop by later with Ava, okay?

Seth (rolling his eyes): Don’t be so boring, Will. A few minutes late can’t hurt, right?

Will (getting on his bike): You’d be surprised. Got to go, or Tomson will kill me! I’m already five minutes late!

Will leaves, exiting right stage, without another word.

Seth (sarcastically): Anytime you know! I’m so glad you want to spend time together instead of your crazy boss!

Will (calling over from where he exited): Bye!

Seth (teasingly): Why don’t you call Ava while you’re at it and tell her how much you love her!

Will (still from where he exited): I SAID BYE SETH.

Scene Two

Seth sighs and moves a little bit left stage, in his jewelers shop. Enter Mr. Tomson, who is red faced and angry, from right stage.

Mr. Tomson: Blast it! Blast it blast it blast it!

Seth: Oh, er, hi, Mr. Tomson…

Mr. Tomson: Imbeciles! Liars! Ridiculousness!

Seth: Oh, er, Will just left sir, if you were looking for him-

Mr. Tomson: Will? Who the blast cares about Will? I don’t care about Will! Blast Will!

Seth (thinking): Well then!

Seth (speaking): Oh. Yeah, totally. Blast Will. So, um, who is it that you’re looking for?

Mr. Tomson: Who? Its more of a what, as you would know!

Seth: A what?

Mr. Tomson: Yes boy, are you deaf? I just said that! You kids these days! Blasphemy!

Seth: Hey now! Gosh, what you get for being nice…

Mr. Tomson (absolutely raging): MY DIAMONDS ARE  MISSING!

Seth (choking with laughter): Excuse me?

Mr. Tomson: You are deaf! Diamonds, boy, diamonds! Someone has stolen the incredibly rare collection of diamonds that my wife and I bought!

Seth (thinking): Someone married you?

Seth (saying): That’s most unfortunate sir-

Mr. Tomson: UNFORTUNATE? I’m missing an ENTIRE FORTUNE!

Mr. Tomson rages on until he exits left stage. Seth smiles, revealing a money bag.

Seth (holding one in his palm): Well, it’s my fortune now..!

Enter Tilly, running across from left stage and knocking Seth over, and enter Liri, who is a silhouette, grabbing the bag and running off the scene at stage right with Tilly.


Seth runs after them, moving right, but stops.

Seth: Oh, god. Oh, my god! I was going to sell that. Wait-

Seth pulls out his phone.

Seth (into the phone): Ava! Help! Someone has stolen some special diamonds from my jewelry shop!

Ava (from the phone): Oh no, Seth! I’ll get Will and we’ll figure this out!

Ava hangs up. Seth sighs.

Seth: It’s always useful to have a friend from Scotland Yard… even if you are a con man.

Act Two, Scene Two:

Seth, Ava, and Will appear in Ava’s house at night, panicking.

Will: Jesus! So someone just came and took the diamonds-

Seth: Yes! Some lady and her stupid cat-

Ava (giggling): A cat stole from you?

Seth: Shut up! Just a dumb black cat and some lady -

Will: Wait! Did you say black cat? And did the woman have purple eyes?

Seth: Yes, and… wait. Yes! How did you-

Will: How do I know? I don’t. But… I had a dream. About them.

Ava: Okay boys, hold up. First, Seth is just standing in the middle of the street, all like “oh look I’m just gonna hold a bunch of diamonds in my palm in the middle of the city, totally cool” and then Will is having creepy psychic dreams…?

Will: I am not having psychic dreams, Ava!

Seth: Hey now! I wasn’t just standing- well, I was. But that’s not fair.

Ava (ignoring them both): Let’s go home for tonight. We’ll look in the morning, okay? I’ll send this to the Yard. A lady and a cat running around with a bag of diamonds through London in midday isn’t exactly secretive. We’ll catch em soon.  

Seth: You’re the best Ava!

Will: You got it, Ava.

Ava (blushing slightly): ‘Night, mates.

Seth and Will: G’night!

Exit Will and Seth to the right stage.

Act Three Scene Two:

Enter Will, stage left, walking home through a different part of the city at night. Enter Tilly and

Liri, stage right, without the bag of diamonds. Will gasps loudly.

Will: Hey, you guys!

Liri (looking at Will, hands on hips): What do you want?

Will: I want to know why you’re going around stealing fortunes from decent people, that’s what!

Liri (laughing): Decent people! I hope you’re not referring to your slimy little blonde con man, my friend. ‘Cause he is not decent.

Will: Well, I hope you aren’t referring to Seth when you say “slimy con man”, too, because that is not going to go over well with me, lady.

Liri: Name’s Liri, actually. (Motions to Tilly, who is by her legs.) And this’s Tilly.

Will (seething): Don’t care what your name is or your creepy cat’s! You think I won’t turn you in? My best friend is in with Scotland Yard, you idiot! You’re messing with the wrong people!

Tilly hisses and moves right towards Will.

Liri: Oh, you mean that pretty girl with brown hair you’re always hanging around with? Will, really. If I was worried about being caught, I would have gotten away from all of you a long time ago!

Will: How dare you...

Will stops, and steps back.

Will: W-wait. How do you know my name? Or who Ava is…? Oh, my god, you creepy stalker. If you come near her, I swear-”

Liri (laughing again): So protective of your girlfriend, William, if only I had known…

Will: She’s not- we’re not- you’ve got to be kidding me.

Liri(impatient): Look, I’m not going to hurt you, okay? Jesus. You’d think, someone like you, and someone like me, wouldn’t have to go through all of this ridiculous stuff, you know?

Will: I don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re crazy!

Liri: Will, how did you recognize me? And if you were so worried about catching the thief for your con man, then why haven’t you called him already?

Will: Don’t think I’m not going to! I’m going to call the police!

Liri: If you want to help your friend, Will, you won’t call the police. Believe me.

Will: I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Liri: You KNOW what I’m saying is true, Will. About everything.

Will: I…  I guess. Wait. No! I trust Seth!

Liri: Well, you shouldn’t. Besides. I did him a favor. Those stones are magic. Soon enough they would have killed him.

Liri: Whatever, Will. I’m not going to stand here proving that I’m not crazy. Whatever, Will. I’m not going to stand here proving that I’m not crazy.

Liri:  Listen, if you don’t want part of this magic world, I’ll leave. And I won’t come back. Neither will Tilly. Ok? But the magic world is calling to you, Will, and that’s not something you can ignore. You get another physic dream, and you call me, ok?

Liri and Tilly vanish to right screen after throwing a stone to the ground. The Stone glows purple.


Developer’s Log:

Saturday. March 7th. At Home. (12:54). Today I experimented with Scratch and created most of the characters except for Mr. Tomson and Tilly. The computer was considerably more difficult to draw with, so it took around the estimated time.

Thursday. March 12th. At School. (2:03 pm) Today, I continued making all of the sprites by drawing them in Scratch section. Instead of finishing the rest of the poses for Will, I decided it would be a good step to create Tilly’s sprite instead of continuing to work on an older one. I was only able to get through one costume, however, and I still have to create the rest of the costumes for most of the characters. It took longer than expected to create just one costume: nearly twenty minutes. I assume the backgrounds shall take around the same time, unfortunately.

Saturday. March 14th. At Home. (4:27 pm) Today I finished creating the last sprite, Mr. Tomson, and chose all of the backdrops I would be using. This took less than the estimated time since I decided not to draw the backdrops and chose from the Scratch library instead.I also proceeded in creating the first scene. This took longer than I expected.

Tuesday. March 17th. At Home. (4:46 pm). I completed the rest of the animation according to the plan, and the rest of the scenes took a longer time than was expected for each. However, since I saved work periodically, I was able to complete it in a timely fashion.



It was amazing so what

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It was amazing so what happend to the lady and the cat and will or seth. Why did will see her?