Dec 14, 2012
by: adot

Free Write
To me dropping out is mainly getting tired of school and can't keep up with your work so you decide to just quit. Not only is this not a good choice but this can affect the way your life turns out during your adult years.
Money is not easy to come along, you have to work hard and dedicate your time and energy to get what you want. Without an education you're not only slimming your chances of being successful in your life but you're also hurting your future kids, if you plan on having any.

There are many different reasons why kids decide to drop out, one main reason is stress. Stress causes lack of communication and communication is the key to learning.

When I started researching about this topic I thought to myself that this is going to be a walk in the part because dropping out is common sense ,but little did I know there was more to dropping out that i didn't even know about. During the research I found out that kids are mostly influenced by their pairs. For example if two friends are on their way to school together but one just randomly decides to not go the other will almost all the time take part in cutting just because they think they wouldn't look cool if they didn't.

Moments, Stories, People, and Scenes

I have a thousand different stories about dropping out and if I sit here and tell you about all of them we will be here for my children's college graduation , and I don't even have kids yet but yet I will still share some. My first year of high school was one of the most funniest days of my life but until this day I wish I would've changed what I have done. freshman year I hanged out with the seniors I was always one of the “cool kids” so they say. I used to cut class, not do homework and spend more than have my days in detention. all of this changed one day when my principal told me if I don't get it together I will regret it. I thought to myself what is he saying then a few days later my uncle , who was a high school dropout, told me “if I was you I would get it together the longer you play around the longer you will be in school. Those words was bouncing around in my head all day and i finally thought to myself it's over no more playing around and let's get it done. the purpose if this story is to tell you that if teens today have someone to push the to do better than dropout rates will decrease rapidly .