Drug and Alcohol Abuse

May 20, 2009
by: ostart

The most interesting thing I learned this year was about underaged use of drugs and alcohol. During this unit in health class there were many horrifying but true statistics. Drunk driving isn't something out of the ordinary. Even though many are taught to live above the influence, teens don't always make the right choice.

Reported drug and alcohol use by high school seniors, 2007 Used within the last: Drugs 12 months* 30 days Alcohol 66.4 % 44.4 % Marijuana 31.7 18.8 Other opiates 9.2 3.8 Stimulants 7.5 3.7 Sedatives 6.2 2.7 Tranquilizers 6.2 2.6 Cocaine 5.2 2.0 Hallucinogens 5.4 1.7 Inhalants 3.7 1.2 Steroids 1.4 1.0 Heroin 0.9 0.4

Bureau of Justice Statistics Drugs and Crime Facts: Drug use in the general population

Even thought these statistics may seem unbelievable. Its the scary truth. The harm that drugs and alcohol do to a family is imense. Sometimes the damage done isn't even fixable. We learned about the outcome after using either kind of intoxicants. How most the time teens just want to be "cool" or fit in so they think turning to these items.