Earthquake in Disneyland?

May 4, 2011
by: 16wanga

http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulsynnott/2875485626/Disneyland, one of the most magical places on Earth. The most commonly known ones are the Disneyworld in Florida and the Disneyland in California. (I've been to Disneyworld!) Did you know there was a Disneyland in Japan though? (I didn't). Well Momona Yamagami from the American School in Japan posted her middle school graduation trip experience on Quakestories. Her and her fellow classmates didn't seem very excited to go to Disneyland for their graduation trip (I have no idea why, I would be psyched to go to Disneyland as a graduation trip!). Many of the stories I have read and seen on Quakestories take place in either their school or homes, I think it's pretty unique that she experienced an earthquake in Disneyland. Luckily, she wasn't on any rides because of her dislike towards them, but Momona started feeling the shakes while shopping inside a gift shop. Once the shaking stopped for awhile, she and her friends were directed to Cinderella's castle.

I love the way Momona laid out the storyline. The beginning of her story takes place at her graduation, which occured after her Disneyland earthquake experience. As the principal was making a speech, there was a mention of the "incredible maturity and kindess" that was shown during the earthquake, and how "calm (they were) in the face of the crisis." Which brought her in some kind of flashback to her experience. Unlike all the other stories though, this seemed to be told from more of a negative point of view. As said in the beginning of the story, Momona and her classmates weren't all that excited to go to Disneyland, This was probably because after the students were taken to a nearby elementary school, she had to stay the night there because she was sick.

Momona and the students were taken to the infirmary, where they were tested to see whether or not they were sick. The healthy students got cardboard and newspaper beds, while the sick students (including Momona) were taken to a classroom with beds. Not only did she have a high fever of 38 degrees celsius (which is 100.4 degrees fahrenheit), but she had to sleep next to a guy that was in her class! She seemed to be very calm and strong from the outside, but her last line says different, "No one ever knew that I was scared out of my wits the entire time." But after the flashback finished, she went back to her graduation. She smiled because it was all over, and she finally graduated. This is probably a graduation Momona will remember for a long time.