Jan 4, 2012
by: 16wongn

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I created the Scratch animation The Eavesdropper as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. An ethical story is a story that teaches the reader an important lesson. An example of an ethical story would be “The Boy who cried Wolf.” “The Boy who cried Wolf” taught the reader that they shouldn’t lie to other people.
My story is about eavesdropping, you are a farmer that just moved into the area. When you go to the market, you hear a rumor that the cows can talk in human voices at midnight of Christmas Eve. You then must choose to either eavesdrop on the cows to see if the rumor is true, or not. If you were to choose not to eavesdrop then, the story would end there. If you chose to eavesdrop, the story would go on. Later on, you would be asked to eavesdrop on the cows from different parts of the barn which doesn’t matter. In the end you would die because you chose to eavesdrop on the cows. This story tells people that they shouldn’t eavesdrop.
My story was inspired by “The Eavesdropper,” which I found out about at this website: http://www.americanfolklore.net/sindex.html.
I think I was successful in creating my story because my ethical story was more than 3 minutes long, interactive with the player, there was an ethical decision with two choices, there are two distinct endings, the story is appropriate for 13 year olds, and I was able to turn this story into an ethical story game.


your animation

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Submitted by 16bashara on Wed, 2012-01-04 19:22.

I liked the little buttons you can press like "play" and "instructions".
I noticed that the player died even if the player did or didn't eavesdrop. If there were different endings then that would make the ethical lesson you're trying to portray would be clearer.
The ethical dilemma in your story doesn't make sense to me. I know you're trying to say eavesdropping is bad. But, the decisions the player makes leads up to the same thing: the player dies.

I liked your story which had

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Submitted by 16chowdhurys on Thu, 2012-01-05 19:36.

I liked your story which had a nice ethical decision. You should have made the 2 endings different since in both the character dies. I like everything else about your story. I also liked the music in the background.

Your Project

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Submitted by 16hoques on Thu, 2012-01-05 22:50.

I liked all the backgrounds in your animation.
I noticed that there wasn't that much dialogue toward the end.
The ethical dilemma in your story were clear. I understood all the choices. I also understood the mechanism for making the choices. The wrong choice was very tempting.

I love the creativity in your

Submitted by 17sarwarakonm on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:18.

I love the creativity in your project. Who would think of a story where you would eavesdrop on cows??? I certainly wouldn't, and I love the way that you made the pictures look, it actually made me feel like I was in the story. And I also admire the fact that "Bob" asked me for my name, and when I told him my name, he said that i have a nice name, what a nice thing to say to someone you don't even really know. And yeah, the only flaw would be that we just met bob and he told us such a secret rumor.

I really liked the music and

Submitted by 17jamaln on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:21.

I really liked the music and how the screen would fade to black and a new backgrund would appear. it teaches you that you have too decide the right. I really enjoyed it.


Submitted by 17khrimianz on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:21.

I have to admit! This is really well put together, all the buttons functioned great. Nice graphics too. Beautiful job and very interactive. I enjoyed it thoroughly.....
Now about evaluating your ethical story:
OKAY, I think that this doesn't really tell why eavesdropping is bad. Eavesdropping on cows is different than eavesdropping on humans. You just want to see if a rumor is true, about cows? What's good is that it's hard to make the right choice, it's just that you may have wanted to make the eavesdropping about people, so it's more realistic. I really liked your animation, I just think that the ethics in it could have been more relatable to real life.

I really enjoyed your story

Submitted by 17bechtv on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:22.

I really enjoyed your story because it was funny, interesting, and was original. The animation flowed and was very good. The ethical dilemma was fairly presented in the story and was resolved not to easily. Also, there was a lesson taught when u said yes or no.

I liked that this animation

Submitted by 17nasrs on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:24.

I liked that this animation had a great set up and the music really adds a dramatic effect to the animation. The ethical dilemma was that you should not eavesdrop, as it is wrong. The ethical dilemma was fairly presented and well job done.

I think that your ethical

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Submitted by 17sutantor on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:25.

I think that your ethical dilemma is a good one and your story is interesting. I like how you made the farmer die in the end because he eavesdropped. I think that the choice of whether or not to eavesdrop is an easy choice to make but I decided to eavesdrop because I wanted to know what happened in the end. Nice animation :)

GREAT JOB~~~~~~~~~

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Submitted by 17kims on Thu, 2012-04-26 13:24.

I really liked the quality of your animation. It was such great quality, and I loved the music~ Your ethical dilemma was confusing at times...I didn't know it was a an ethical dilemma until the very end, and the beginning where you explained it...But overall I think the moral in this story is good, and that you did a really good job~! :)

I agree

Submitted by 17suek on Thu, 2012-04-26 13:46.

I agree that it was a good story, but one thing you could have improved was to make the story end lines dissapear when you pressed "Back" because when I pressed back it didnt fade away. But I liked the way you put it together.
Overall, good job!

I really liked the characters

Submitted by 17zamagiase on Thu, 2012-04-26 13:41.

I really liked the characters and backgrounds of your animation. The music was very nice and gave the animation suspense.
The choices that you gave for the interactive part of the animation were great. Although, at times your dilemma was very confusing, and it got very hard to follow the storyline. I did not realize what the point of the story was until the end of the entire animation. I also thought that the ending to the story was very abrupt and did not have a lot of meaning at the end.

It was great!

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Submitted by 17tub on Thu, 2012-04-26 14:02.

I really liked your music, it added something to the animation so it didn't seem so empty. I think your animation was a bit short, but it was a nice animation. I also think a little change you could have made was the color of the text at the end of the animation, it was hard to read, otherwise it was very interesting!

I liked the quality and the

Submitted by 17chenr on Fri, 2012-04-27 13:55.

I liked the quality and the story along with the setting and the music of the animation. The ethical dilemma was wether I should have eavesdropped or not, even though if I chose the right or wrong choice, I would still die. You could have improved the animation by adding more choice making questions.

I liked how we had to put in

Submitted by 17mckenzies on Fri, 2012-04-27 13:58.

I liked how we had to put in our name when the farmer. One thing that i didn't like about the ethical dilemma was that there were two so i wasn't sure which one was more important.

I like this animation because

Submitted by 17tsangc on Fri, 2012-04-27 14:04.

I like this animation because the animator explained to me what happened if I eavesdropped. The ethical dilemma is either to eavesdrop or not eavesdrop on the cows. This could have been improved if it did not have any glitches. There were many which stayed on the animation and I could not read much that happened to me if I did eavesdrop.

Ethical Dilemma

Submitted by 17yanb on Fri, 2012-04-27 16:51.

I liked your ethical dilemma a lot and I thought it was very well made. This ethical dilemma had a good plot, but I thought that the message was a bit different since you were referring to cows. In the ending, whether or not you chose to eavesdrop, you died.
In this ethical dilemma, its moral was to tell people not to eavesdrop because it could get you in serious trouble. At first, I chose to eavesdrop on the cows and it ended up bad because it was the wrong choice. The ethical dilemma was excellent. Great job!

Good Animation

Submitted by 17khaitovam on Fri, 2012-04-27 17:33.

Your story was really interesting. Of course, most people would be very curios, and choose to eavesdrop. Your ethical dilemma was very clear, and I thought that it was definitely a hard choice to make. I chose the wrong answer, and ended up dying very early in my life. I really enjoyed your animation.

One thing I liked in this

Submitted by 17tenezacab on Sat, 2012-04-28 12:36.

One thing I liked in this animation was that it was a game and you could choose what to do, and was fun.
The ethical dilemma was to either eavesdrop the cows, about hearing them that they could talk or ton not eavesdrop them.

I really liked your story! I

Submitted by 17keoghc on Sat, 2012-04-28 16:33.

I really liked your story! I loved the graphics and the way the buttons functioned was really well done. The background fading in and out was a nice touch but I especially liked the "Play" and "Instructions" buttons on the home page, they are really helpful and function well also. YOu clearly demonstrated the aspect of an ethical dilemma when you had to choes whether to eavesdrop on the cows or not. Overall your story was well put together, interesting and funny. Good job!

I really liked the sounds you

Submitted by 17bostj on Sun, 2012-04-29 14:55.

I really liked the sounds you had incorporated, it added something to the animation so it didn't seem so empty. I think your animation was a creative idea and was a nice animation. I also think a little change you could have made was the color of the text at the end of the animation, it was hard to read and when I went back to look at the scripts,it was hard to comprehend.

It was very interesting

Submitted by 17amrinr on Sun, 2012-04-29 17:00.

I liked the way you presented your idea and it was very funny. I saw that the person's name is Bob and you could choose if you wanted him to eavesdrop or not. The right choice was not to eavesdrop because when he did, he died. What I learned from this video is that eavesdropping is not good. I think that it was too early dissolved and that it could have been stretched a little more to get to the resolution which was eavesdropping is not good. All in all, I enjoyed the animation!

Good Plot

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Submitted by 17medinak on Sun, 2012-04-29 18:32.

I love the plot of the story. It was hilarious, yet it was somewhat crazy. Not only that, but the sound effects you used was awesome.
This dilemma, however, is not possible in real life but it does connect with a life lesson we all learned.


Submitted by 17lazosbobadillam on Sun, 2012-04-29 20:14.

I really liked your story, it showed many decisions, not specifically ethical but still good. I also really liked the music you played. It added suspense to the story. I didn't really get why the farmer asked your name, it didn't really have to do anything with the story. Otherwise it was good.

good job

Submitted by 17palominos on Sun, 2012-04-29 20:53.

i think your story was good and met up to all the goals that was set for this animation it was mor than 3 minutes long, it was interactive and was based on the whole "ethical dilema" idea. ignoring those statements i rather enjoyed the plot and storyline of your animation, not to mention your music as well.

I really liked the characters

Submitted by 17levkoviche on Sun, 2012-04-29 21:19.

I really liked the characters and the music in your animation. I thought the ethical dilemma was clear, and I loved the interaction the viewer got to participate in.

Liking and Dilemma

Submitted by 17barrenechead on Mon, 2012-04-30 15:31.

What I liked about the animation was you did not have to make just one choice in the animation, but multiple. What I can tell you to improve your ethical dilemma(s) is that you can change the effect, because in one of the dilemmas, they have the same effect. Also, maybe you could have added a little more story when you chose not to eavesdrop.

good job!

Submitted by 17johnstonl on Mon, 2012-04-30 16:29.

i liked how you incorporated multiple choices in your animation! that must have taken a lot of extra work!
he ethical dilema was good but i think it was a bit too easy. the majority of people probably would have chosen the wrong choice. but it was good all the same.

I think it was super cool how

Submitted by 17tasconc on Tue, 2012-05-01 09:02.

I think it was super cool how i got to chose what happened. It was even better than most because it had many more options about what to do. The ethical dilemma was choosing weather or not to eavesdrop. Its not a hard decision.

One thing that I liked is

Submitted by 17theofanopoulosd on Tue, 2012-05-01 09:06.

One thing that I liked is that you do not need any command keys and you just click the choice that you want to click. The ethical decision was relatively weak in my opinion because most people would choose to eavesdrop and the outcome would not realistically be you dying.

I liked the baseline of the

Submitted by 17mckennat on Tue, 2012-05-01 09:08.

I liked the baseline of the story and thought it was cool how the ending was so unexpected even though you chose to not eavesdrop. In addition, I did not really like how whatever you chose you would die.

Just commenting

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Submitted by 17alamt on Wed, 2012-05-02 19:52.

This animation was very cool, great job! One thing I liked was the timing of the background and the fading away of it because it made it very mysterious to watch. One thing about the ethical decision that didn't work so well was how the decision came up too fast. There should have been more to the story before taking a decision. Besides that, it was enjoyable!

I think your project was

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Submitted by 17alis on Wed, 2012-05-02 20:46.

I think your project was awesomely put together. I really liked how you did the thing with the name.I enjoyed it a lot and it was really cool. I understood what you meant about the ethical dilemma too. It was either you eavesdrop or not. Even if its on cows.I liked how you put all that together, it kind of even made it funny.

I really liked how you made

Submitted by 17glickb on Wed, 2012-05-02 21:49.

I really liked how you made it very interactive. There were a few times where we had to either write an answer or choose a course of action. It was also very creative, the plot was well thought out. You wouldn't expect it to be that harsh of an outcome just from eavesdropping. The animation used many different blocks and sprites very effectively. The use of dialogue was great too.