Jun 2, 2016
by: kruss

Before the word Ebonics came into play people called it “Nonstandard Negro English”. Because some people didn’t like that phrase, a group of black scholars changed it to Ebonics in 1973. Ebonics is a language variation on English. It’s differs in that it isn’t as literal as the proper english we have been taught to speak. It uses more metaphors and isn’t very literal. Also many words are shortened and spelled the way it sounds. When it is being spoken many people just cut off the last letter of the word in order to truncate the word. For example “hand” would be pronounced “han” and so on and so forth. But where did this seemingly strange way of speaking come from? Well the people who study this language and many more are very torn on the subject as to whether it;s origins are just black people changing the way English is spoken or if it truly has some roots in Africa. Some could even connect it to Creole Caribbean roots but no one can actually know for sure. But what we do know is mainly what people think of it. Using this language and type of English gives the wrong idea to many peopl. To most people that aren’t in the entertainment industry or in a type of writing career would think that this person speaking this way is uneducated. However this isn’t always the case. Your English or however you talk is however you talk and there is no proper way to do it. If people can understand you then so what? It makes no sense to judge someone based on the way they talk. I speak with ebonics and I am still an educated young girl and continuing to pursue higher education. There shouldn’t be such an assumption made about someone you don’t know.