EBSCO research: educate the majority

Apr 23, 2015
by: cpribble

My research question is about why rape culture is perpetuated specifically on college campuses. From my EBSCO research I identified a number of interesting things, but one in particular being the fact that as a whole, male college students are not sexually violent. A study done at the University of Massachusetts, which identified only a relatively small group of perpetrators in sexual assault cases, concluded that more than half were repeat offenders, averaging six rapes each. A professor at the University of Kentucky also brought up an interesting point; we should stop educating solely the victim and the perpetrator, but also the innocent bystanders. Considering that the number of college men who commit sexual assault is fairly small, this means that the majority of college males do not commit such crimes; therefore, educating the group of men who will never commit a heinous crime is nearly useless. A way to overcome the perpetuation of rape culture on college campuses is to inform bystanders of strategies to distract perpetrators in order to lower the number of attempted and completed rapes. Such a solution seems quite simple, yet it has only been implemented at a small number of universities so far.


Caroline, Great post here. I

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Great post here. I like your focus on alternative approaches to curbing rape culture on college campuses. It's a widespread issue that needs a complex solution. I agree with the assertion that we need to be educating more people about the attitudes that create rape culture on college campuses, but I am curious about what methods bystanders can take to "distract perpetrators".