Is education boring for a reason?

Mar 15, 2016

What is the first thing you think of when someone says the word "school"? People usually say stress, grades, brain numb, maybe even stupid or boring, but consider the reason why students may say that, although they are told many times that education is a privilege. Does this mean that our schooling system in the United States may be too loose on pressuring our students into academic achievement?

When school is considered as a stressful and difficult moment in student life, do you think that parents, teachers and school associates are surprised? In the belief that a good education would lead to a better society of workers, many of them are frustrated and worried that their children are struggling and hating on school. So maybe yes, they are surprised. This makes me think that Our education system is not engaging, fun, free and interesting enough.

Perhaps changes would do a great deal to the society of schooling, and it would make it more fun and engaging for students. With modern technology, schools can set up personal learning devices, preferably ones that are in good quality, such as iPads and good quality tablets. Lesson plans can consist of more movies and films, more experiments and hands on art projects. Teachers could be told to become more humorous and engaging with students, and tutors can be hired around the school to help with individuals who are struggling. Make this world a better place by drawing more interest into students when they are struggling and tired, stretch boundaries and bend the rules to help the American people pave a way for success.


Dear Colleague, Thank you for

Submitted by Green on Thu, 2016-03-17 16:44.

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for exploring a significant
learning factor!  A board student is not
a student who is learning.  It can be
very difficult to relate to information if one is uninterested.  As a part of my graduate studies, I have
begun to research brain-based approaches to learning.  In my research, I have reflected on the RAD
theories of Dr. Judy Willis.  As explored
by Dr. Willis, learning outcomes are best met when the learning process are
experienced during pleasurable mental states. 
Dr. Willis supports her claim with the neuroscientific finding that
dopamine, a chemical in the brain released when one feels happy, levels are
high in students when they are enjoying a learning experience.  For these reasons, teachers must use innovative
and exciting techniques, promoting a cheerful classroom environment.  I invite you to explore Dr. Judy Willis’ philosophies
on her website at and back here at your blog for more




Excitement needed

Submitted by miaambers on Mon, 2016-04-04 15:21.

Dear Eric:

I am amazed by your post “Is education boring for a reason?” because kids need education but they don’t think it’s fun for them and they want excitement instead of learning how to read or write.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “when school is considered as a stressful and difficult moment in student life” I think this is important because a lot of kids drop out because they don’t think school is important.

Another sentence that I notice was “Does this means that our schooling system in the united states may be too loose on pressuring our students into academic achievement?” This stood out for me because a lot of teachers are slacking off on their teaching.

Your post reminds me of sometime that happened to me.One time I had a teacher who got so mad at a student that she did not want to teach anything.

Thanks for your writing.I look forward to seeing what you write next,because your post have really inspired in any way.