Effects Of Social Meida on Teens

Feb 6, 2013

The effects of social media on teens today is very strong. Social media is a very fast growing network. Social media can have all sorts of effects, they may not be good or bad but just like a viral video on YouTube changes the way everyone dances or a tweet on Twitter could change the way some people think. One world wide trending topic on Twitter could have every one up in arms about it. On the Internet it's crazy how little things can effect teens so much.

Social media can become very addicting and because of this teens lack face to face contact more than past generations. The American youth are showing a lack of social skills. They can be more comfortable talking on the computer than in person. These skills are needed in daily life but social media can also be good. Teens say that social media sites make them feel less shy me more outgoing. One in five teens say it makes them more sympathetic to others and feel more popular. But there is a line between advantages and addiction and that line needs to be found by teens who use Social networks on a daily basis.

It's nice to have every little bit of information at the tip of people's fingers and know what's going on at every corner of the world.That basically everything is recorded and upload to YouTube or tweeted about on Twitter or re-blogged on Tumblr. Teens know everything when it happens. It is good to have teens up to date on everything that's going on. All together Social Media has a positive effect on teens and its just apart of the generation.


Jenna, I agree “social media

Submitted by SydneyGallagher on Thu, 2013-02-07 11:07.

Jenna, I agree “social media can have all sorts of effects.” It can be a way to get information but it can also be a distraction and make it hard to focus on other things.


Submitted by PaigeH on Fri, 2013-02-08 13:18.

Nicely written! I really like how you went with two view points on social media, looking a the positive and negative side of things!