Electricity Rules Kids' Lives

Feb 26, 2013
by: Sydneyg

Kids rely on t.v. and Internet to rule their lives I know this because I experienced it myself during the hurricane sandy storm. My electricity went out. Without it I couldn't charge my phone , watch t.v. , do nothing but stare at the wall. I kept going outside but it caused me to lose and waste lots of money. Even then , I still needed some electricity , I would charge my phone in my mothers car , or go to cafes like Dunkin Donuts , Starbucks etc looking for some outlets. My power was out for 3 days , and in that amount of time , I broke down like never before. I felt like I was getting crazy and losing my mind staring at walls , walking around the house , going in the backyard just looking around.

During the time , I forced myself to go to sleep a lot so I wouldn't just be up bored. Since everybody's electricity was , I heard there was a lot of robberies . We had to make sure we were back in the house at night with the car in the driveway so people would no we were home. We , meaning my mom , brother and sister , and sometimes my dad would come ; spent like 50 dollars everyday going to the movies or just shopping just to get us out the house.

The way we kept our things electrical devices charged was from my mother’s car. She hated the idea of us using up her gas and her car’s battery. But my dad on the other hand is totally opposite from her. He used her car when ever he needed to charge his phone or his ipad to keep updated on the news. I remember how my mom would always get so mad at the idea of her car being wasted for something that would just go back dead after a hour.

I remember everyone in my mom’s neighborhood being grumpier than usual because of the loss of power. Only a few people in the neighborhood had generators for their house but everyone else was left with nothing. After two days without power , everyone was outside complaining with each other or calling their power sources to ask what was taking so long for the power to come back on. The lights in the neighborhood wasn’t working either, so the drivers were confused and it cause chaos.

Things are different now then from how they were back then. Back then people my age wouldn't have all the things I have. They had a different entertainment system then I do now. They would do things like knit , or just make up games among themselves . So the comparison to how things were before and how they are now , are TOTALLY different . KIDS THESE DAYS LET ELECTRICITY RULE THEIR LIVES


We need other forms of entertainment

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Submitted by 18tsamadosg on Thu, 2013-02-28 20:30.

Dear Sydneyg
I am interested with your post "Electricity Rules Kids' Lives," because it relates to everyone and it is the reality of what happens in life. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I felt like I was getting crazy and losing my mind staring at walls , walking around the house , going in the backyard just looking around.” I think this is true because whenever I don’t have any electronics in the house, I am also always walking around back and forth trying to find something to do. Another sentence that I was surprised with was: "She hated the idea of us using up her gas and her car’s battery." This stood out for me because I agree with your mom, especially during Hurricane Sandy when after the Hurricane you had to wait so long to get gas and when you really needed it you might not even had any. Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time like I told you before, even if it wasn’t during Hurricane Sandy when i didn’t have any electronics I would go to bed from 7:00 PM and I would feel tired from doing nothing. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I feel like everyone can relate to your writing.