Embrace Your Awesomeness!

Apr 16, 2012
by: mennor

As I became a teenager, many questions started to thrust in my mind. One question that constantly captures my attention is self-esteem. Self-esteem can be defined as a person’s overall evaluation of his or her own worth. I constantly have one question in my head: “Can self-esteem affect your everyday life as a teenager?” It was time to find some potential answers to my questions.

One question I really had was, how does self-esteem affect our adolescence. I checked many resources and found interesting facts. One source stated, “The first drop occurs at the outset in early adolescence (ages 9-13) when the young person's separation from childhood creates a loss of contentment with being defined and treated any longer as just a child” “The second drop in self-esteem occurs during the end of adolescence, trial independence (ages 18-23), when the young person is confronted with the daunting reality of independence and feels overwhelmed and diminished by the future shock mentioned in my previous blog.” This helps me understand how the human mind may think sometimes.

In the blog post, “Why Do People Have Low Self-Esteem?”, the writer expresses that he believes that discriminating specific ethnic groups is a way of lowering someone’s self-esteem. I believe this is a valid idea because a smart remark can affect a person’s confidence greatly. We should take into consideration how people may feel about certain remarks.

Many people believe that adolescence is the stage in which people have the most identity crisis. “Adolescents face complex identity crises and moral conflicts today because there are mixed cultural definitions of "health" and "strength of character."” I feel this was a strong a point of view because in today’s society the different “expectations” society makes has a great effect on teenagers. Many want to “fit in” and change who they truly are.

Sometimes having too much self-esteem can send the wrong message to people. “ You shouldn’t feel like you have no worth at all as a human being, and you shouldn’t tolerate others walking all over you because you don’t think you’re good enough to deserve any better treatment. No one deserves to genuinely hate themselves. “ This was a valid source because one should never feel of lesser value. We should always embrace our inner awesomeness!

I personally have a low self-esteem. Constant remarks about my weight have caused me to be extremely insecure. Although people may talk jokingly, I take the remarks seriously. Over years I’ve tried to feel comfortable in my skin. It’s an extremely hard task. I don’t believe anyone can know how it truly affects your decisions in life until they’ve actually felt that hurt themselves.

Going through Youth Voices, I noticed many posts that coincide with my feelings towards self-esteem and the teenage life. This can affect how a teenager lives their everyday life. A teenager with a low self-esteem is highly more likely hold back from showing who they truly are. As teenagers and young adults, we should be more considerate with other people’s feelings and confidence. We should try to embrace each other’s uniqueness, rather than bringing it down.

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