Emotion, what makes us us?

Dec 4, 2015
by: dallthor

Emotion. What is it? On all levels of existence, chemical and physical. Something that only exists in your head, yet it leads you in your daily life. How would we work without them? Would we even function? I want to know how emotions work and how they drive us through the day.

It was this thought that started me on my way. I haven't done a ton of research yet but, I have read one article that talks about a few theories of what emotion is and its effect on the human body and mind. It is very interesting and it has taught me quite a bit actually. The main thing I want to discuss from it is this quote: "Subjective feelings cannot be observed; instead, the person experiencing the emotion must describe it to others, and each person's description and interpretation of a feeling may be slightly different. For example, two people falling in love will not experience or describe their feeling in exactly the same ways.”(Human diseases and condition forms, 4) I find it very interesting, no two people feel one emotion the same. I've gone my whole life thinking that we all felt anger, love and happiness the same. But reading this has changed my mind. What do you think?



Interesting Subject

Submitted by dominiquebird on Tue, 2015-12-15 02:31.

Wow I really like the topic you presented and the question you posed. Emotions are fascinating and it's interesting to think about how everyone feels them differently. What I feel being in love is different from you would feel which is different from what a stranger would feel and so on. We all experience it differently and we have our own ideas of what it means to be happy or angry or sad. However, I think something so beautiful about that is that even though we all experience emotions in our own way, they're similar enough that we can bond with other people over them. Even though two people have different things they feel when they're sad, they can still be empathetic and share in each others sadness. Well written, interesting piece. :)


Submitted by dallthor on Wed, 2015-12-16 09:32.

Hey Dominique!

Thank you for your comment! We share very similar thoughts on this. I hope to find out a lot about what emotions are and everything they effect in our lives. I'll keep YouthVoices updated with my research and what I find.

Thanks again,
Dallin Thorpe