Mar 27, 2015
by: ebehrens


Hatred feels like a burning fury never dying down,
The smell is horrible but unknown.
A knife through your enemy’s heart is what you often may wish,
Yet somehow you are always attached to those you hate most.

The touch of hatred can kill a man,
But hearing it coming is worse that any death.
When hatred’s taste reaches your mouth there is only emptiness.
Somehow though you cannot truly hate your enemies.

Hatred’s fingers are like putting your hands into boiling oil,
then into freezing water.
There is no escape from hate.
Where there is hate, there will always love.


Love feels like an everlasting warmth that lingers,
The smell is different for every man.
Red roses on valentines day from a secret admirer is what many people want,
but in a way there is always a barrier to love.

Love’s touch is soft and sweet,
Hearing it sweep through the world is sweeter than any noise.
The taste that reaches you when love comes is as sweet as chocolate,
yet there is always something that stops you from truly loving.

If you ever get to find love don’t touch it,
for it is very sensitive.
There is no escape to love,
Where there is love, there will always be hate.