Emotions may Overpower

Mar 28, 2015
by: joly
War is Fear

Emotional appeal is used from time to time, to get one’s emotions to overpower the mind. The most affective appeal is considered to be directed towards the fear, the fear in the body is so strong it may do as it pleases before the mind can think the situation through. As you would understand that the public health would consist of society itself and the people in society. The emotional appeal was not just used in todays society, it goes as far back to war and it may even connect to witchcraft. Every little step taken has a ripple effect relating to a person’s emotion, where as an example could be, if you are mad, you would take it out on others around you.

In society today, emotional appeal is used constantly without others knowing, such as a puppy being on the streets or a homeless person asking for spare change getting to your sensitive side. Advertisements often use pictures or videos that may slightly relate to their ad, but they tend to go overboard with how it is presented to get to your emotions. The world is filled with hidden emotions in everything in the world; a cereal box, a television commercial, a billboard, anything. Churches may also use the emotional appeal in their preaching, but I am not completely sure because I don’t go to church. The preachers would often use the appeal to get to the fear as it would help open up your eyes to what is a right and what is a wrong doing.

We as humans have emotions, sometimes they are uncontrollable but we have to deal with it otherwise life will continue on without us. Our emotions are a strong power that every person holds, its power may range from person to person but no matter what happens, an emotional appeal may affect many in a certain way. It’s all based on personality, the mind and the soul. It’s okay to live around the emotional appeals, it is a part of the world that allows the public to live how they live now.




Self Reflection

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Submitted by mrim on Sat, 2015-04-25 01:54.

Amazing points. I really liked how you used an example of the puppy on the street, because I know for a fact that whenever I see that commercial where people ask for donations, for animals in need it makes me cry every time. The last point too, that sometimes emotions are uncontrollable. From personal experience I know my emotions get out of whack and makes me do things that I soon regret. Then again it's a part of life that we have to live with, the inability to control our emotions or how to deal with them.