The End of High School

May 16, 2010

Kind of like my favorite run at Alta is Keyhole (which is in Snowbird, but accessed from Alta), my favorite times in high school have been outside of school, but most were due to the fact that I went to Judge. For instance, junior year cross country camp was a definite highlight. Being on the cross country team in general was pretty awesome. Skiing was awesome. The summers were pretty fun except for between Sophomore and Junior year. The low points were definitely not due to being in school. Overall high school has been a pretty neutral experience for me. I feel like I've learned a bit, but not as much as I expected. Mostly what I got during these four years was experience and practice.

To the class of 2014, I say there is nothing to worry about, high school isn't really a scary thing. All you have to do is stay mildly awake, and show up most of the time to pass. After hours studying is good for hard classes, but just understanding the subjects and doing your homework will get you by in them. I have no advice for the social side of high school, except not to be afraid of doing what you feel is right, and this tip: get involved in a sport.