Endangered Species

May 28, 2009
by: aru
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Endangered species are species of animals or plants that are small in number and at risk of extinction. Factors that cause species to become extinct or endangered are : over hunting, intentional extermination, introduction of a new species that out compete the native species for environmental resources, human activity, climate changes, etc.  Currently, 1,556 known species of animals have been identified as endangered, or near extinction, and are under protection by the government. Between 17-18% of United States’ known animals, fungi, and plants are near extinction.

Human activity is one of the main causes of animal endangerment. Us humans tear down forests where many animals live. These forests are not only shelters, but are contain foods animals need to survive. Humans also pollute the environment and poison animals. Without knowing, humans litter and kill animals everyday. These actions cause the endangerment of both animals and plants species. Hunting is also a human activity that is very detrimental to animals.

There are many governmental agencies such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that are formed to help protect these species. By forbidding hunting, restricting land development, or creating preserves, programs can help conserve these species and allow them to bring up their population. 194 countries have signed an accord agreeing to create biodiversity action plans to protect threatened species. These recovery plans help protect and increase a species population.