Ender's Game Ending Review

Mar 29, 2016
by: AEB_19

Terrible. The ending was just bad. It's almost like the author got tired of writing the book and rushed the rest. I feel there could have easily been 100 more pages at least in the book. The author could have actually describe him traveling getting ready for battle but I think he took the easy way out and made it so he was controlling the battle like a videogame. The ending is so surprising, like how did the buggers know Ender would find the place? How did they capture the exact image in his head? My most important question is why is Ender trying to bring the buggers back even though they've brought so much terror and destruction into people's lives. I know that they said the humans could be forgiven, but lets face it would you forgive someone if they killed someone you're closest to. They are also very smart and it could just be a trick to be brought back into the universe. The ending was poorly made but I really enjoyed the book.