Ender's Game Reflection

Mar 28, 2016
by: Bryan L.
My Screensaver.  It's broken.  Yay

My Screensaver.  It's broken.  Yay
Ender’s Game is a book about some kid called Ender Wiggin who happens to be a military genius and is trained to be the commander of the human fleets. In the book, the humans are fighting your standard, run of the mill hivemind bug alien species. This alien species, known as “buggers” have attacked Earth two times by the time Ender comes along. Ender is this misunderstood kid who is forced to command the entirety of the human fleets, and risks the destruction of the entire human race should he fail. Problem is, is that Ender really doesn’t want to be known as “Supreme Admiral Ender Wiggin of the International Fleet”, he just want’s to be a normal kid and go to school and do normal kid stuff. So through some covert manipulative shenanigans, Ender is convinced/convinces himself to go to this school for all the young geniuses of the world, where they will eventually be drafted into military service as commanders of space ships, flotillas, and what not. Stuff happens, Ender’s character is explored through some weird video game called “Fairyland” or something, and through the manipulative shenanigans the International Fleet puts him through. More stuff happens, somewhere in between the conclusion and climax, Ender’s siblings, Valentine and Peter who I decided not to mention until now because reasons, create fake accounts and write some edgy pieces where their fake selves take opposite sides of the political spectrum. Then the climax, more stuff happens, and then The End. Pretty much everyone’s happy (humans, that is) and the human race hasn’t been annihilated yet.

I’m supposed to write about cultural aspects and other stuff pertaining to culture in Ender’s Game in this post/blog thing. The problem is, is that there’s not too much in Ender’s Game about culture. The book is really more about the exploration of Ender’s character, childhood innocence, the overcoming of seemingly impossible odds, isolation, understanding, and pew pew lasers. The only real major things about culture, one of them which isn’t about human culture, is what the buggers did when they first met some meatbags hanging around in a spacecraft and how the governments in Ender’s Game do their thing. First up are the governments. The major states on Earth have become very oppressive and controlling, suppressing religions, monitoring people, and even so much as adopting China’s Two Child Policy as a form of population control. Now that I think about it, with the suppressing religions, oppressive government, and a maximum amount of children allowed policy, this is sounding really similar to Communist China. Only thing that’s missing is the pollution and the Communism. The other cultural aspect are the differences in culture between the hewmuns and the [Tyranids Zerg Klackon]-(pretend that there's a "strikethrough" through these) Buggers. When the buggers made first contact with the human ships that ventured near them, they came aboard and slaughtered every living thing on board. The reason is because the individual buggers aren’t sentient. They are all controlled by a hive queen. The hive queen believed that individual humans were all drones controlled by some hive mind far away, and that by killing those poor fleshy meatbags, they were simply disabling the ship's communications, when in fact the instruments on the ships were transmitting the murdering of humans by the buggers. However, the hive queen soon found out, but the humans, because we hold grudges for the longest of times, decide to blast each other into intergalactic space dust with pretty lights. It’s because of this misunderstanding that Ender’s Game takes place in the first place. Although knowing the human race, we’d probably kill all the buggers anyway, for more living space or some other pathetic excuse. Because humans are jerks. And you should embrace that jerkiness and be really edgy to non-humans, because you're worth it. You're entitled to that galaxy, and you need to make those filthy xeno races out there know who’s the biggest baddest race in the Milky Way. (Why is it called the “Milky Way? Seriously, that’s a really lame name. I know it’s the translation for what the Romans and Greeks called our galaxy, but can’t we just use their name and pronunciation? I’m pretty sure most would agree that “Via Lactea” or “Galaxías Kýklos” sounds better that “Milky Way”)