Energy Independance

Nov 4, 2008
by: JakeS

Your letter, Independance of Energy, was good.  I think that using turbines in the water will kill fish and ruin their habitat.  I think that wind turbines are better because they do not damage the environ ment.  They do not create any waste.  They do not take up much room.  They will not damage the environment much because that are small at the base and could be placed in deserrts or in water.  Also, we have next to no oil in the Uniuted States.  It would only last us around 10 years.  Then what?  The problem with foreign oil is that it is always starting wars.  The biggest hurdles for overcoming dirty energy are the cost and the labor.  I look forward to reading whatever you write next.  I really enjoyed your letter and I'm sure the president will too.