An Entirely Believable Descripton of Nazi Germany

Jun 11, 2009

I am really enjoying Number the Stars because it reminds me of how people lived during Nazi Germany I find this novel an entirely believable description of the last days of Germany.  This story is more than just a re-creation of time and place, it is suspenseful story with many twists and surprises and it just makes me not want to stop reading it.  This book is very enjoyable, educational, and just a good old-fashioned page-turner.  I like how it also notes some words in Russian because I understand them.

I think Number The Stars, by Lois Lowry is really surprising because there are just so many twists in this novel and never know what would happen next.  I like reading this book because it is very different from all of the other novels that I have read.

A passage from pages 65-82 that seems important is: "I was born in Tula province and my name then was not Mikhail or even Misha, as I am known here in America.  No, my real name--the one given to me at birth--was Leonid Sednyov, and I was known as Leonka."  I think this is interesting because the character in this book had gone through many name changes.  Although once he came to America he had started a new life and had kept his identity.

Another line that I found interesting was:"Friends are no longer sleeping and hope that the hour so long awaited has come.  The revolt of the Czechoslovak threaten the Bolsheviks ever more seriously."  This is an example of something important about this book.  It shows a lot of history and explains it in a way that someone is actually living through it.

This section of Number The Stars reminds me of something that happened to me.  One time I had really felt like changing my life substantially.  Then I noticed that I don't have to change it I can just make it into whatever I want.  I noticed that my life is what I make of it.

What's probably going to happen next is Leonka will realize that he did not have to go through so many identity changes and should of just kept his true identity instead of giving up all of his friends in his previous identity.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book because I would like to see what happens to Leonka. I would also like to see what he makes of his life.