Entwined by Heather Dixon

Jun 3, 2013
by: 17mahi

Azalea had a royal life at the palace with her other 11 younger sisters filled with balls, suitors, and most importantly, dancing. But when her mother passes away, all is taken away as the king, her father, announces that they will be in mourning for their queen and mother. The strained relationship between the princesses and the king becomes as tense as ever, and when they discover a secret passageway in their bedrooms, they go through it and discover a whole new world that is awfully similar to their previous lifestyle. Since then, every night, they danced there all night from sheer stubbornness, even though Azalea feels that there is a dark secret in the other world. Then, when the palace's safety is shattered and Azalea's family is in danger, it is time for Azalea to make the decision to throw away her desires to dance or to fulfill it with the price of her father.

A significant part of the book was when Azalea and her father were talking normally. "It was an unexpected gesture of affection and it rendered Azalea speechless" (Pg. 288). This part of the book was a turning point in Azalea's character development and it also had started to slightly change the tense relationship between her father (the King) and herself.

This part of the book was significant and important because Azalea started to see a new side of her father, the King, along with her other eleven younger sisters. She realized that he actually was an awkward man who couldn't display his emotions well, leading to his daughters to misunderstand him and maintain a distance between them. So this part of the book enabled them to become more understanding and understand why the king/their father had done certain actions in the past.