Jun 1, 2015
by: ksindoni

The passages are saying that the ghetto is a place that put's you through hell and you got to do your all to get out of it before you fully mess up and have to stay. In the poem it say's, " The people kneeled, the people prayed, the people begged". It also states, "there were more ghettos and slums". That more of a bad area was constructed for people, and basically to live a hard life. In Down These Mean Streets, Piri gets involved with drugs. I've been thinking about going into alot of things lately, like pushing junk". That his way of making money is selling heroin and drugs to make a living till' he gets out the hood. Doing that though can mess up your life fully in many ways. That you think an environment has control over you and your life but really everything that happens is all on you. Nothing else to blame, because you can avoid alot no matter what comes your way.