An Epic Journey

Mar 20, 2015
by: 20siegels
An Epic Journey
An Epic Journey
An Epic Journey
An Epic Journey

When a Pekka Knight, a Wizard, and a Barbarian are drafted into a war in the popular game Clash of Clans, they must work hard to prepare. Through training in battle, running, and living in the wilderness, these 3 amigos learn to become the best of friends, with Pekka taking charge.

I used scratch to program this project. I hand made the sprites and used scratches stock images. I enjoyed this project, because we had a lot of creative room, and could do almost anything. I also liked how we could write our own program. All in all, I hope to do more projects like this and have a great time doing this.


Act 1 Scene 1
Arriving to Work
Barack - Outside

Trainer (T): OK, Ok. Everyone wake up.
Pekka: Where am I?
Wizard: Huh?
(Wizard sits up)
Barbarian: Como?
T: The war is coming up. We all need to train. You were drafted.
P:What does that me…
T: We need to train to defend for the leader!

Act 1 Scene 2
Training Montage

Act 1 Scene 3

P: I’m so tired!
W: Me too!
T: Come on wimps. Hike to the army camp! Lets gooooo!

Act 2 Scene 4

(Army Camp)
T: Were here
T: I’m going to go back to the barracks, so make yourselves at home
(Exit stage right)

Act 2 Scene 5

(All enter)
Everyone: Home Sweet Home!
(Fall down and sleep for 10 seconds and fade away)

Act 2 Scene 6

(Pekka stands up and stretches)
P: Aaaahhh
(Wizard and Barbarian are woken up)
B: Ugh
P: Good morning
(Trainer walks away)
T: Hey guys
WB: Hey
(Pekka walks in with barrel of water)
B: Hola!
Random Man: Hola! Como estas?
B: Estoy preocupado. Donde estoy?
RM: Usted está en un campamento del ejército. No te recuerda nada?
B: No, no sé dónde estoy, o por qué estoy aquí
RM: Usted está aquí para defenderse como un soldado, un héroe de su pueblo. Ahora anda a atacar!

(Fade into black)

Act 3 Scene 6

(BWTP arrive)
BWTP: Attack!!!

Act 4 Scene 7

P: Charge!!!
B: Cargar!!!


Developer's Logs:

3/12/15 for 10 minutes at BSGE
I worked on my project plan some more. I will need to work for 5-10 more minutes on this at home and then start on my project. My computer was slow and I needed to ask a question, so I only really worked for 10/15 minutes.

3/15/15 for 50 minutes at BSGE
I worked on my script, storyboards, and scratch dialogue. All timing was on point, and I saved some time (when thinking proportionally) on my storyboard and project plan section, even though it is not complete

3/17/15 for 14 hours at Home
I underestimated the amount of time needed to finish, and ended up pulling an all-nighter on this. I went from 4:00 pm to 6:00 am, with about 2 hours for dinner (It was my Birthday on Tuesday), 30 minutes of sleep, and 30 minutes of slacking off. I did not make a major change in the script, except for second to last act, where I added one more line to make it sound better.